Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Worse Letter of The Alphabet ..... Pee

(Art work by TatterBeans)

Ye that's right pee .... At six we still have pee issues, which for the most part I can deal with.

Buying pull ups isn't a big deal for me ... yes I wish we didn't have that expensive ... but its better than washing sheets every day and dealing with the smell of it.

It use to wind me up , and for the most part now a days Bop is dry at night. The random wetting herself in the day seems to have stopped also, mainly cause I'm on her case now I'm not at work.

I have rules that goes along with this problem ....

1: Expect to be woken up before I go to bed at night... you will be lifted and you will go to the toilet ( apparently she hates me for this one rule).

2: If you do have an accident in the day then please tell me ... cause sitting on the furniture in peed in pants is totally not necessary ( this  causes more uproar in our house than anything else).

3: If I ask you if you have wet yourself please don't lie to me it is likely to make me very upset if you say no and the real answer is yes ( the amount of times she has lied to me about this, well lets just say if I had a dollar ).

and the new one

4:Don't pee in the POOL

Guess who's not going in the pool for the rest of the week, all because I asked her to go to the bathroom and she refused,

I said

"Bop you pee in the pool, and pool privileges will be taken away for the rest of the week... that means for another 5 days"

She looks at me .... and says .....

"You can't do that ... its to hot".

It's been 103F for the last 2 days.

I explained I could and I would ..... I also told her I would know if she did.
She thinks the pool tester strips can tell me if she has peed in the pool, and why she thinks this I do not know, but hey I'm not telling her any other ..... it works in my favor right now.

Twenty minutes later I ask her again to go to the bathroom, with a really cocky voice she says

"I don't need to go Mommy"

I ask her if she has peed in the pool, she answers


At that point I wasn't sure if she was lying as she didn't look at me,( RAD kids look you right in the eye when they lie) so I got up out of my chair and started to walk towards the storm porch, as I turn the corner and just out of sight she screams at me,

"Don't you get a pool stick"

She gave herself away right there and then.

*Update on Pee*

Bop still wets herself at night..even though she is lifted before we go to bed.
Last night she was wet before we went to bed and again in the morning......(12/17/10)
She also been tested for Diabetic  and a few other things... nothing wrong with her....
She is in the mind set that with out a drink she will die... its one of her RAD issues.
Her mind set is as follows... she doesnt belive she deserves a warm clean dry bed.
She believes for the most part that if she can make me angry that is better than positive attention.
She isn't bothered if she smells bad,cause she isn't worthy of anything good.
How do you make someone believe that they better than that and that they are worthy of all good things? to answer my own question...Im still working on the answer.
Oh and she is Seven now.

So yes Pee is still the worse letter of the Alphabet .... in more ways than one.


  1. I can sympathize, even though my little boy is still in diapers. When I was her age I had the same problem. I still remember getting in trouble for sitting around in wet panties, and I remember lying about it. Funny how kids are. Hang in there!

  2. Hi Sandy, thanks for stopping by.... she is much better than she use to be.... yesterday she just pushed my buttons lol.... but together we are hanging on in there.... we will overcome the pee pee monster :)

  3. Ha ha ha. I was wondering how you figured out if she peed in the pool. I used to have a fit about this issue at the beach, until the girls THERAPIST, mind you said, and I quote:

    "Get over it. Everyone pees in the lake."

  4. Lol...that's funny Kerrie.... ye she's right everyone does pee in the lake.... well everyone except me lol.... but the pool...Bip said..." thought it tasted funny"

  5. Such a difficult one. A friend of mine has a similar problem with her seven year old. It's getting much better for her, and I'm hoping it is for you too!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro today. :-)

  6. Love the thing about the tester strips, why would you tell her otherwise indeed!! Hope this improves for you. Jen