Thursday, July 22, 2010

Click The Link At Your Own Risk

Sometime I wonder if I need my head looking at or if I just need a slap upside it .....

So I'm doing my normal Blog Hopping around thing I do most evenings...while putting kids to bed, watching TV, washing up from dinner and pouring myself a drink...

Maxabella always does "The Things I've Learned This Week Including" on a Friday and I have to say its one of my favorite weekly posts .... Its always funny and I always learn something new, plus she is so darn cute I cant help myself ...she is a must read if you haven't already found her yet.

So Im not saying I have a problem with her post this week ... but

There was a link on there... and in true me style, I clicked it ..... I'm suck a sucker for links

I so shouldnt have ..... No really you dont understand I soooooo should not have done that ........

Nearly two hours later I get off the site it sent me to....
Head buzzing
Mind boggling
Where is the Vodka moment.

I'm not the most computer savvy person out there... in fact nine out of ten times I'm calling Hubby over cause I'm totally stuck and don't understand whats going on, it is normally something so hard simple if I had only spent two more seconds on it I would have got it... but no not me its either doing it now or I'm calling you over.

So back to the click link moment .... remember when you where little and you where told not to talk to strangers.... I think maybe I should of been told don't click the link... it may have saved me a lot of trouble...

The link I clicked was as followed .... Tumblr

Its meant to be a fast twitter/blogger type style thingy.... faster than blogging slower than twittering .... Holy Smoke ...  there was nothing fast about getting set up.... or maybe that's just me ..... I did go and find some articles on this Tumblr

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  1. Hehe. I'm guessing you saw this one...? it's awesome!!

  2. I saw that on Maxabella (she's my sister). I wasn't sure if I should do it. Glad I found your post 'cause it sounds like a can't afford to try out the Tumblr link. I have avoided Twitter because it is a time sap and I just KNOW I would be addicted in five minutes. Nope. No time for Tumblr. I'm still trying to find my way out of Zen Habits... and that is just reading. I don't actually have to DO anything.

  3. Lol Im glad i could save you Multiple Mum... there is nothing like saving a girl from addiction....
    and Lori who's link is that Yours/...oh well on the flip side I am now following it