Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Favorite Color

This week over at Life Through the Lens and Savoring the Details .... The theme was Favorite Color for their collaboration project.

Both their photos are stunning and you should really go take a look.

They opened their project up to everyone else ..... Im nowhere near as good as either of them but I love a challenge and as they say practice makes perfect so here is my favorite color ..... and  a big thank you to my neighbor for bringing over not only part of our dinner but for giving me the goods to take the photo.... it was fresh out of her garden.

My Favorite Color is Green
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  1. I love green too and I love neighbors who give yummy produce to nice! The light in this image is so beautiful!

  2. Lovely fresh shot! I love green too.

    PS - we both have bicycles in our 'inspiring' shots today... how cute are we?!

  3. this is so pretty!
    what a brilliant idea for the color green.
    thanks so much for taking part in the challenge!

  4. Thank You ladies .... I like your encouragement, the light was totally nature and i didn't edit either... i did run it though PS but just so the quality was better when up loading.
    I love doing this weekly challenge it makes me get my camera out and makes me think to... I think I have kiddo brain right now ....
    Max: that is funny.... maybe its a sign we need to get riding our bikes...hope not lol