Friday, July 2, 2010

The Simple Things

It has been a pretty fantastic day, few hiccups ...but then if there were none I would think I was living without Bip and Bop.

Woke up this morning ( cue song.... I woke up this morning Got myself a gun,.... oh I just love that theme song from The Sopranos) and Bip was sitting on my bed starring at me ...

I had decided not to ask him if he was hungry ....

I wanted him to ask not always be asked, pre-breakfast snack was in place but I didn't ask, he did ask if the TV could go on and as I'm feeling pretty sleep deprived right now and I saw it was 6.30am, I agreed.

Next thing I knew it was 7.15am and Bop had joined us, said good morning to her and asked if she was dry.... gleefully she said yes..... I'm always grateful when she says yes, and always thank God for this small blessing.

I felt slightly guilty that I had slept in.

Did also wonder if Bip has taken any food from the kitchen, so I asked him once we were downstairs.... he replied with

"No food, but I did take something, I'll go get it".

He comes back with a packet of gum that he had taken from my husbands bedside table, was slightly shocked that he had owned up to it, this is a breakthrough, and I'm really proud of him for handing over that gum, but did still wonder if he had took food as he never did ask.

By 11 O'clock the grocery shopping was done, and we were home again.

Earlier I had joined in on Flog Yo Blog at Mummy Time, so imagine my surprise when I got home to find I had a new follower, Thank you Glen at Glen's Life you helped make my day (he also grew up in a city very close to where I grew up which makes him totally cool) its the simple things in life that make one happy.

After lunch Bip went outside and shouted that we had boxes on the door step... that UPS man had been sneaking up the front yard path again bless him ....

Both boxes where a pure blessing, kids new reading books from Boarders, Bop reads at a grade above her grade, not that she would ever let you know this, and she reads fast, Bip reads well as he has a reading comprehensions of an 8th grader, but speed reads, he knows what the story is, just doesn't read every word.

Second box was the kids medication, we were going to run out today, and my heart would have been in my mouth tomorrow morning if we had....
(Thank you Native Remedies for your quick and speedy service)

Bip had a temper tantrum and broke something cause she wasnt getting her own way..... but she came and told me she had done it, wow she has never done that before.... (this therapy stuff is really working here) she gave me what she had destroyed and informed me that it needed to go in the trash, we have a rule that if its broken then its trash.... if we didn't we would have a house full of broken toys.

Hubby arrived home and took the kids of my hands after dinner.... bless him he works 10 hours a day but he still finds time to play UNO with the kids, they all went to check the mail box... I had more parcels.

One from TWLOHA ....I had ordered a T-shirt some weeks ago and had totally forgot about it... I support this charity as both my kids self harm, they don't cut themselves, but they harm themselves in other ways..... (another story for another day).

My other parcel was from one of my best mates in the UK, she had seen a Marmite promotion package and has ordered it and sent it to me.... I love all things Marmite ... Im a total Marmite freak ...... and I'm proud of it ....


  1. I think it's wonderful that you are grateful for the simple things...sometimes those small simple things are the only things that save me some days. I had to check out the websites you listed and they are all such great sites. Where does one find Marmite?

  2. Kristi marmite is a British spread... here in the states I tend to find it in shaws or stop and shop.... there is a British wholesale food place not far from where I live that will mail it out also called
    Thanks for stopping by and Im glad you enjoyed :)