Friday, July 16, 2010

The devil in your food

So by now many of you know that my two munchies have RAD, but what you may not know is that they also have ADHD.

This was diagnosed before the RAD was which in most case is the normal ... as both can display simple symptoms.

When it was diagnosed in Bip we had to make a decision weather to medicate or not, I am a firm believer ( and this is my belief and I don't push my belief on anyone nor do I judge anyone who doesn't think like I do) that this sort of medication is a personal choice for the child once they get to an age and understand what it is they are taking and why they are taking it.

I have many reasons for this belief which would take far to long to explain but if you really need to know I would be happy to explain myself.

Instead we went down the route of herbal medication which I have mentioned before, called Native Remedies.

This option is no more expensive then traditional medication for ADHD.

Well not long after this was diagnosed I was taking with a friend and she was telling me about a report she had read how food additives and food dyes have this huge effect on children's behavior, and more so with children with ADHD.

The main culprit being Red 40.

Red 40 is found in most foods that are the color red, orange, purple, pink, just think of your primary color chart and what you would use the red for when mixing other colors ... but don't be fooled they have been known to put it in other foods which have no trace of the color red.

While red 40 dye is approved by the FDA, many parents of children with ADHD have had to limit or remove the dye from their children's diets due to its effects on behavior.

Red 40 has been shown to be a trigger for hyperactive behavior in children who consume it regularly, and is also known to exacerbate the negative traits that are associated with ADHD.

Common symptoms that children who are sensitive to red 40 dye experience include but not limited to severe temper tantrums, fidgeting, aggression, inability to focus, and nervousness. The dye has also been linked to physical symptoms such as stomachaches and headaches.

All of the above both my children experienced.

We conducted a little experiment where we removed red 40 from their diet for 6 weeks, we saw a change fairly quickly ...... all of the above symptoms seem to be reduced after 5 days of with drawing any form of red 40 from their diet.

After six weeks we gave them both an ice pop a red juice ice pop.... I think with in an hour I had regretted this ..... but my point was proved.

Some people say that my kids are not servery RAD .... they don't throw fits they don't kick and scream they don't harm me they don't bite ... they are not RAD extreme ....

Well to those people let me tell you they use to, on a daily basic .... it was all part of everyday living at one point or another.

When red 40 was removed from their diet this did subside, they still throw fits they still kick and scream they still do harm to themselves and others but not to the extent they use to.

I just chose not to write about that sort of thing, and try to focus on the positive and the humour of it all... if I didn't I would do and go crazy, taking my kids with me.

I know when sticky fingers has found candy that Ive forgot to throw away which is positivity injected with red 40 ( did i forget to mention I'm not perfect and sometimes forget stuff).
I have known when they have eaten something away from the home without me, and chose not to say

" I can't eat that it has red 40 in it"

I don't blame them when they do this.... lets face it they are kids... and food can look so yummy even when you know its bad for you... we all do it when on a diet.

I can now speed read labels and the weekly shop doesn't take 4 hours ....... the kids can also speed read food ingredient.

Ive also educated them both and other members of the family on the effects of this evil ingredient, and now a days they refuse or will say why they cant have something to others....

There has been mistakes Ive made, some big some small, like cough medication, even shampoo and bubble bath.. if its red its more than likely got red 40 in it,(there are some foods etc etc that don't but they are far and few between) bubble bath and shampoo can seep into their pores and do the same damage,

Ive learnt the hard way on most things like this ....

My recent findings .... Tartrazine FD&C Yellow No.5 and Sunset Yellow FD&C Yellow No.6 and any other yellow with a number after it is pretty much going to have an effect on them to... not as bad but its still visible.

So you may or may not find this useful ....but either way I hope you have learnt something new ... and that you may even pass this along to educate someone else who may need to know this information.

Don't they look yummy

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  1. wow! I know about the red 40 . . . a friend of mine, her son reacts like that to it and now he avoids it b/c he doesn't like the way it makes him feel. I had NO idea about it seeping into your pores though . . .but it makes sense. I'll have to pass this on to her. I'm going to have a cruise through your blog and find out what RAD is. My son has been giving me some behavior problems and I've JUST started to play around with the idea of food allergies in my mind.

  2. My son is now 13 (autistic) and we tried some of the "Native Remedies" early on without much success. However, as he ages we are once again considering allergy, dietary and herbal therapies. I had never heard about the red 40 but I'm sure there are plenty of things I will learn over the next few months as we give some of the alternatives a try.

  3. Hi-followed over from Jens..) Very informative piece thanks.
    "Try to focus on the positive and the humor of it all" LOVELY!!!

  4. It's so important to read labels. Thanks for reminding us of that again.

  5. Got here from the blog gems hop. We are firm believers that what we put in our bodies affects the way our brain functions. My daughter has been free of gluten and casein for 2+ years. We use all kinds of supplements and watch carefully everything that goes into her mouth and body.

    Great post!

  6. That is really interesting!! I hadn't heard about Red 40, I had heard of some of the E numbers making children hyperactive alright, but not this particular one. Thanks for the tip off, will get to checking it out :) Jen