Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The July Chronicles: What's on Your Fridge.

Today will be a two post day.... As if I don't have anything better to do ... (parents arrive in five days time)
 I had my post for later all ready to go.... and then one of my faviorite blogs.... pops up with

"The July Chronicles: Whats on Your Fridge"

Far to much funfactor to pass up so here's my fridge. (So glad the kids cleaned it up for me this week)

Can you tell I love Marmite ....

The lottery ticket that my hubby made me scratch off... we won the  $1 .....
(please note this ticket is a one of we don't normally waste money on the lottery)

Bip and Bop have just started this ..... the try and do one of theses things on the list a day and leave a NICE card somewhere everyday.

The magnet was sent to me by my best mate here in The States ..... and the card was sent to me by one of my Best mates in The UK along with my Marmite care package .... she handmade the card ...

Bip made up this story using the word magnets .... not sure you can see it really clearly in the photo but it is super cute ..... just like him.

So there is my Fridge ....

Pop on over to Maxabella Loves and show the world whats on your fridge.

Now I'm of to get some work done.... look out for my next post later .....
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  1. LOVE your 'Operation Nice' and the way you've done the typography is terrific. I'm so glad you joined in the Chronicles. You're a good bloggy buddy.

  2. I didn't do the typography it came like it.... check it out its an awesome thing to do with kids or do it at work....and Thanks ... i like being a good bloggy buddy .... and I like it more when Im having fun with other good bloggy buddys like YOU

  3. Well - I think your fridge is far more exciting than mine!!! I too love the operation nice!!

  4. But LJ you have wooden letters on yours I don't lol...