Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wanted .....!

I love walking to the mail box and finding a letter just for me ......
Not a letter like a bill, but a letter from a friend, it can be a friend from the other side of the pond or just a friend from the same State.

It doesn't mater where it comes from ..... what matters is, someone was thinking of me and send me a tiny bit of love.

It's something I don't do very ofton, write a letter.

My Mom on the other hand does all the time...... I received a letter from her the other day and Bip said

" Why doesn't Nanny just email you"

" Cause she doesn't have a computer"

He looked at me like I had two heads ......
I explained that she didnt grow up with computers and hence she doesn't really know how to use one and it got me thinking.

Do our kids know how to write a letter, do they know what snail mail even is......

So we got talking about writing leters to people ..... and Bip says like a penpal.
I asked him if he know what a penpal was, without going into a ful explanation here ... he does and now does Bop.

They now want pen pals......
of course they do ..... why wouldn't they .... after all I had one ....what kid wouldn't want one .... its fun finding out about where someone else lives, what their school is like what their hobbies are.

I remember that joy of getting a letter ..... and reading my letter three or four times and taking every little it in... then the visit to the post office to send my letter off..... buying my own stamp and popping it in the post box......Then there was the little parcels..... and buying nice writting paper.

Oh the memories.
So now the task of finding them both pen pals.......

Any takers?

Anyone out there who has children around the 6 to 10 age range who would like to bring some sort of non computer activity to their children's lives which would not only improve handwriting but teach their children the joys of giving and receiving, and just doing something fun.

If your interested or know of someone who might be leave me a comment ......

I would really appreciate it.

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  1. Before we started getting computers, I would write my mom fairly regularly. This kids were little so I would write and give her updates and etc. She told me the other day she still has those letters. That's been since the early 90's too. Letters are a special thing to be treasured.

  2. What a great idea! My mom doesn't have a computer either, and refuses to get one! Daahhhlin daughter is 11, and would probably love to get a letter, but would probably email or FB you back...she's a techy girl, usually has to show me how to work my new cell phones...sad...

  3. Angie... don't you think once she got a letter she would want to write back....
    Christy .... I keep every letter my mom sends e ....

  4. I wrote to my Grandfather every week for years. I wrote one a few days before he passed that was buried with him in his suit pocket.

    I too have fond memories of letters from across the pond. As a child I loved getting those cool air-mail envelopes addressed to only me. It made me feel so special! Even as an adult I wrote my Great Grandmother and sent her pictures of my son as he grew. Her favorite was the 3D ultrasound. She just couldn't believe that she was seeing her Great-Great Grandson before he was even born in such detail!