Monday, July 12, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday : The Visitor.

Perfect Moment Monday according to Weebles Woblog is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.

I have started to look forward to Mondays ..... in blog land that is ....Mondays in my world are just the same as any other day...just a different page turned.

Sometime ago, when I was still working, (before RAD became a huge part of our lives, and therapeutic parenting was just something I once read about in a parenting magazines)

I use to do two lates till 9pm twice a week, I would start work at midday and this gave me the opportunity to get some things done around the house, the sort of stuff you cant get done at 9pm. Like planting garden tubs ......

This day in particular I had nipped to the local garden center and picked up some plants for the tubs on the deck .....

Once they where planted I stood back and admired them, this was my very first yard (in The States that is) and as much as I'm no expert gardener I do love to see plants in tubs (I'm also a container freak).

I went back inside to grab my camera (I try to post as many photo's as possible for my friends and family back in The UK)..... when I came back outside this is what I was greeted with....

We had a visitor ......

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  1. That is so have your hard work appreciated that fast :) Happy Perfect Moment!

  2. Breathtaking!

    Butterflies seem like an omen of grace, don't they?

  3. The butterfly is beautiful. What a GREAT photo.

    Butterflies remind me of my late grandmother. Each time I see one, I think of her and lots of wonderful memories.

    Thanks for sharing your Perfect Moment.

    -- visiting from Weebles Wobblog.

  4. Thank you for your wonderful comments as always.... Your right Luz they are an Omen of Grace... I love them ...they are the only thing that flies that I'm not scared of lol.... everything else i run a mile

  5. Rachel, What a beautiful pic! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think I'm gonna try your fantastic game to find new blogs to read!

    Ps...Hair sucked today too...

  6. lol Angie... sorry the hair was another bad day... Ill pray for the hair.... :)... and so glad you came to visit....