Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Journey: This weeks photo prompt.

This week at Life throught the lens and Savoring the Details the photo prompt is the word Journey.
Kristi and Melissa  have as usual out done themselves with fantastic interpretations of the word.

The word Journey sets of a whole bunch of emotions in me, and isnt it funy that the word Journey be the prompt for this week just as my parents land in The States after an 18 hour day of travelling.

I had so many ideas for this weeks photo..... but finally this is what I used.


  1. Thank you for your sweet comments on my photos. Yours are rather inspiring as well. Love the vintage feel of the black and white :)

  2. So cute Rachel! This is adorable and I too love this in black & white, it gives it such a wonderful vintage feel. Thanks so much for participating!

  3. Thank you ladies... I really enjoyed this weeks prompt

  4. Wonderful photo. Love the idea that going on a journey brings out the child in us. The anticipation, the "what happens on holidays stays on hoidays" silliness.

    Well done!