A Bit About Me

Well you all know my name..... that bit is pretty obvious.

So what else is there to know about me:

I'm in my 40's and married to a man younger than myself ( yeah I know cougar)

I'm British by birth but have lived in the United States of America for 3 years now ( 10 year green card in my wallet)

I meet my husband playing Second Life.(it's an online game google it)

I'm Madly Deeply Truly in Love ...but I don't always show it.

I think my Mom & Dad are flipping awesome parents.

I was a hairdresser for 23 years of my life, owned my own business for 10 of those years.

At 24 was diagnosis with the Premature Menopause  ( yes I said 24 ) which means that infertility was a big part of my life for years before I became mom to my two step children.

I care for Bip and Bop full time .....

I love taking photographs they capture a moment in time.

I draw and paint but wouldn't consider myself an artist.

I love the country side, and would not want to move back to a city.

I'm a motivated person but can be very lazy at times.

I like to treat people the way I wish to be treated

I'm a now person ..... not a later person.

I hate lies and stealing ( go figure really ...with me having two RAD kiddies)

I believe ....tell the truth even if its gonna hurt.

I do not like to be ignored.( RAD kids do that go figure)

I belive just cause someone treated you badly you should not inflict that treatment on another.

I will always help someone in need even if it means I have to go without.

I also believe Jesus is the Son of God ... but I would never expect you to agree with me .....
I believe in  free will.

If you have a problem with someone look at yourself before you go and confront them with the problem, it maybe the problem lies with you.

I am passionate about everything I do.... if the passion is not there to do something I don't do it

My favorite band is the Arctic Monkeys

My favorite Solo Artist is Paul Weller

I love to dance

Love to sing even if it is done badly

Oh and I hate FEET.