Friday, January 14, 2011

This week Im Grateful for : The Sun and the Snow

When a storm visits and you live in  New Hampshire the only thing you can do is run and hide....

Anyone who lives in my neck of the woods will tell you it can get fairly mean and nasty at times....

Waiting for the sun to come out is like waiting for the Queen of England to visit but she came today in all her glory and it was so pretty for a while.

So I'm so grateful this week for the sun ...... and blue skies

I'm also grateful that my husband made it home safety after plowing for nearly 30 hrs straight ...

And as much as it may not seem like I'm grateful for the snow I am keeps my children busy as they build forts .... or Ice castles as I have just been informed.
It pays use a good wage, and puts food on our table, and that I'm totally grateful for

The two photos I have posted are for Maxabella ...

In her own words

 "I LOVE seeing the snowed-in photos. It's just so EXOTIC as I sit here in the sweltering humidity of a Sydney Summer. So beautiful your way and it makes me just want to come over right now. I think I would love to live in the snow... x "

You would be welcome anytime here my  friend... just make sure you bring your thermals 

What are you grateful for this week.
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  1. Ha! I'm glad you showed me a new perspective on 'living in the snow'. It truly is so beautiful (done justice by your talented photography) BUT 30 hours of ploughing? THIRTY? OMG. I see your point!! x

  2. I think we're all glad to see the sunshine no matter what hemisphere we live in.
    I'm with Maxabella 30 hours of ploughing is a huge amount of snow and a bit beyond the comprehension of us little birdies living in Southern climes.

    x Felicity

    PS Loving your photography too

  3. Wow, in all our tragedy we can forget the others who are working across the globe to keep their community safe from terrible weather too and that many wait & hold their breath for their loved ones to come home safely.
    Beautiful pics , and I hope the sun brings warmth & light to you today.

  4. There's something just a little wierd going on with the weather these days dontya think???

  5. 30 hours of ploughing??? That's hard yakka. Those snow photos are gorgeous.

  6. a bit of sun in winter is always nice, glad you are enjoying it :)

  7. I love the sun and snow together!! And 30 hours of plowing?!? Exhausting!

  8. Being from that neck of the woods I can attest to the fact that winter is a temperamental woman! The fact that you make it through the snow-ins, power outages and skating down the roads in the car is a true test to your sanity and skills. Seeing as we just got pounded with snow here, I'm thankful for my NH mountain skills but never more thankful it's not in NH quantities!