Friday, January 7, 2011

This week Im Grateful for : New Ideas

New ideas keep you on your toes... and moving forward...
They keep you inspired and creative .... and they even get the children involved if your brave enough

So This week I am grateful for

New Ideas: Sometime ago I said I was going to recycle paper into paper... so for months now we have been collecting paper ... I think we collected that much that we may have put the recycling center out of business.
We have had so much fun over the last couple of days putting into color order and piles... and today the process began ... Ill update you on the out come of the first batch

A winter cold: well I'm not totally grateful for it... I'm just grateful that its stayed away as long as it has... I work up this morning feeling rather crabby and stuffed up... I'm just grateful it waited until after the holidays.

Laughter: I am grateful that we as a family can laugh, despite the problems we may have ... we still laugh with joy with each other and at each other...

I just put Bip to bed.. he's nine now and doesn't need nor want  me to put him to bed... but I begged so much tonight he allowed me to... but not before he rolled around on the floor laughing so hard at my begging act...

Hey if it means I get a goodnight cuddle Ill keep begging ... because before I know it he will be eighteen and then Ill have no chance

So what are you grateful for this week... pop on over to Maxabella Loves and link up your Grateful post ...


  1. Beautiful gratefuls! My kids had a jolly good laugh at me yesterday too, trying to fold up the pop-up shelter at the beach (failed!). But my attempts were very (shall we say) 'valiant'. So I'm grateful I can laugh at myself as well :-)
    have a great weekend

  2. This is a really lovely post, Rach. I can't wait to hear how the paper goes. What a fun idea. x

  3. You're such a great mum. And so creative too. How the kids must love your company! And trust me, the way he loves you, you'll be getting cuddles still when he's 18. xx

  4. That paper making sounds like a huge a bit of a commitmentphobe like I am at the moment... I admire you for taking it on..I am sure you will make great paper with that much passion!

  5. The putting to bed, tucking in, one last kiss is such a lovely ritual and it makes me a little sad when it starts to go and really happy when they bring it back - even for only one night!

    Love what you are doing with paper! Inspired!

  6. Well i am grateful to hear you have a cold as well. This means i wont have to postpone my little vaca after all! (i have been dreading it all day but this post just made me feel that much better)