Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Did you play marbles as a child?

Personally speaking I didn't but my middle brother did, I never really saw the point of it to be honest .... and I can say that the rules ..I think each kids made up his/her own.... were always confusing.

There is also this expression which involves marbles which I never really understood until last night

"Ive lost my Marbles" or I'm losing my Marbles"

I sat yesterday for nearly 6 hours editing some photography.....

I have to say I do this most days and after a while it can become very frustrating.

I am also a very messy worker, yes I said messy ...

I have over layers and photos all over the screen and there is no real order to how I work ...

So back to my marbles.... I'm editing the phone rings its my mom.

The whole world stops when my mom calls .....Mom England ,Me States

To cut a long story very short by the time I get of the phone and go pick my children up of the bus and get them sorted with homework snacks and other things kids need when they get in from school... there was a power surge and both my computes had crashed and I had lost nearly everything I had been working on.

That is enough to make a girl lose her Marbles


  1. I too loved playing with marbles when I was little [I think it had a lot more to do with the colours than the game itself] and can relate to the 'losing of my marbles' at present!

    Heres to a year of more playing and less losing of those little glass balls, which are easier to roll than keep juggling up in the air!

    Felicity x

  2. Honestly - who knows the rules to marbles!

    I just love the image of this little girl and the way she is crouching, playing marbles. So focussed and enthralled with what she is doing. I imagine you look the same way after six hours of photo editing!

    beautiful work you have here!

  3. I tried to teach my kids how to play marbles this summer, but I forgot the rules...so we made it up as we went along. True to life.

    Stumbled here from Joy and Wonder...love blog hopping onto fantastic new sites. I'll be back!

  4. My kids play marbles and that alone makes me lose mine - the bickering!

  5. Oh that is so unfair!!!

    (but I love the idea op kids playing a simply game like marbles...)


  6. You poor thing. That really is frustrating! The time lost (and it is never as good the next time you do it is it?).

    I loved marbles as a kid. We used to dig holes in the back yard and we had to flick the marbles into the holes (a bit like putt-putt golf). The first one to get it in was the winner. It was so much fun. For hours. Bet Mum was a fan!