Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sharing is Caring

Today I needed to come up with something to keep the kids occupied... its snowing outside and its really cold... they where a bit bored with the toys that had for Christmas..

My kids move on fast...faster than I can keep up with them..

So I decided to go see what I could find on the world wide web ... always a good place to start ..

I nipped onto face book.. as you do ..and saw this ...

Valentina Ramos Your kids (or you!) like to paint?
Take those crayons and play a little ;)
download the “Little Tractorcito” coloring page here:

How blessed was I, this kept them out of my hair for a good 45 minutes

Thank you Valentina you saved my bacon this afternoon.

Click on Valentina's name and you to can have this to keep your child happy for a while

and then go check out her work... she is a very talented lady 


  1. How I love the internet. Resources at a click of a finger! Thanks for sharing. I might go and visit her too. I have kids biting at my ankles over here. I wonder if she has something for some younger boys???

  2. Oh that was the only one she posted... Im afraid but Bip and Bop loved it...

  3. I'm with Kymmie. The internet is undeniably the best invention ever ... well, besides the wheel, and sliced bread, and penicillin, and the light bulb, and acrylic nails, and hair dye ... and ...

  4. How did we ever live without the internet? I swear I wouldn't make it through a day. The resources, the support, the inspiration, the fun. Valentina's lovely colouring in page is one example of the wonder of the net. x

  5. I'm such a big fan of printable kiddos are very into colouring mandalas at the moment - so pretty :-)