Friday, January 21, 2011

This week Im Grateful for : Snow Plows

  After The Ice Storm

Snow really does have a way of bring out the gratefulness in you .... and we sure have had some snow this week, plus a Ice storm ...

So this week I am totally grateful for

The neighbor who plows our drive way when the snow hits us hard .... we don't have a plow and it you mean shoveling the drive way, the thought makes me shudder, and with the hubby being away from home for long periods of time when the snow comes I am really grateful to the neighbor.

I'm grateful that when the Ice Storm hit after a day of snow that we didn't lose power, this is known to happen ...but it didn't and I really am grateful for that... two kids+ no power = not a good combination.

I'm grateful for my camera ..without it I wouldn't be able to capture the things around me and as much as I dislike snow It is really pretty ....

So this week what are you grateful for.... come link up with Maxabella Loves .....

* so the reason for my absents this week home all week because of the snow..and I have been working on two new looks for my blogs..go check out TatterBeans and let me know what you think... Select All + Delete should be done by the weekend


  1. Glad the power didn't go out,there is nothing worse!! Jen

  2. Oh boy, that's a lot of snow!! Snow shovelling- ugh, not my favourite thing to do in the mornings, however invigorating people tell me it is!! So, I hear you about that neighbour and that snow plow :) Its been really interesting to read about RAD, glad I found you. Alison

  3. I just wrote my grateful post on sunny skies and unseasonably warm temps. Stay warm this weekend!

  4. I have taken to waving at every plow, every sander, every person is is involved in taking care of snow. So much snow, so much gratitude!
    Lovely post!

  5. Oh, but it is *so* pretty!
    I'm glad your neighbour has a snow plow - and that your neighbour is so nice :-)
    have a great weekend

  6. Oh pretty! We are literally being baked over here, so I am grateful my husband has taken the offspring to the beach for a run around and play to cool off. Your neighbour sounds like a treasure.

  7. It really is a whole 'nother world, huh? I'm grateful for pools, you're grateful for snow plows!!!! x

  8. So glad you didn't get a black out or much ice too...they are so devastating aren't they.

  9. Those kind of neighbours are GOLD,
    I still envy your snow ;) but no power would be scary !
    How do you keep warm when it happens.

  10. Wow!! That is SO much snow. I've never seen snow settled on the ground. What amazing neighbours you have.

  11. A yes, snow plows..the greatest snow machine ever created! Just make sure you move your car before that lovely plow comes..otherwise you're likely to have to wait months to see it again. I think that some drives aim to bury cars as revenge..I know I sure would!

    Thanks for supporting my Hippie Pen blog!

  12. Have you gone and disappeared on me again!?!? x