Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Snow and a Swollen Eye

 The mountains this morning

Let me here you say BLIZZARD .....

yes it sure was.... it went on all day and didn't stop to even snow ....

My husband left the house at 3am in the morning came home at 9.30pm and left again at 1am* ... if I didn't know better Id say he was avoiding me.

The kids sat on the floor in an pile of throws and pillows snuggled up and watched movies, read books, colored, and munched on what ever I supplied.

The dog drove us mad, mainly cause all he wants to do is go play in it.

I manged to get some editing done.

Bip and myself shoveled snow a few times

The aftermath looks a bit like this

 Now I mentioned a swollen eye.. well its more like a swollen eye lid.... Not sure what is going on here... a paramedic said it looked like I had been bite... as I have a very hard lump just above my eye around my eye brow.... its painful its unsightly ..and its itchy

I'm not really into posting pictures of myself... but you have to see this... I think I did a round with Mike Tyson in my sleep

 This is looking good to be honest .... my eye lid is open which it wasn't this morning

I am going to leave you with my eye to stare I'm staring at you ... wish I could wink !

*(he was plowing)


  1. Aw, hope your eye gets better soon. :(

    The snow looks amazing. :)

  2. ouch! hope your eye gets better.

    Snow day here yesterday, too. 20 inches or so. I'm ready for summer. Any day now...

  3. OMG, if that crazy eye winked right now I think I would fall off my chair!!!! Hope you're okay. Soresy!

    I LOVE seeing the snowed-in photos. It's just so EXOTIC as I sit here in the sweltering humidity of a Sydney Summer. So beautiful your way and it makes me just want to come over right now. I think I would love to live in the snow... x