Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Labour of Love

Finally we have finished Bops new room.

Just a brief explanation on why we moved her room.

When we moved to our new home she had a room downstairs which was near to the bathroom.... we have had bathroom issues for quiet sometime and really believed that if she didn't need to go far at night then she would get out with no problems.... not so.... in the eight months we have been here I don't think she has ever gotten up and gone bathroom at night unless we have lifted her and took her....

Then a patten arose, she would ask if she could sleep in our room at night, in our bed, it started just once a became every night, and the nights that she slept in our room or in our bed she would be dry at night .....

So we talked with her and with her included in the decision was decided that she would have what was our dumping grown ... it is a very small room of our bedroom..(there is a fuller story to all this somewhere on this log)

I think maybe if you had the money you would make it an en-suite bathroom... so you get the picture.

This is what the dumping ground looked like two days ago.

just full of junk ....

Was meant to be a craft room for me but we never really got round to that.
with not really a lot of money to do this I had to get my interior designer hat on and make the most of what I had and didn't have....

This was her bed... it had been totally destroyed .....

This bed was part of her past......when we became a family this bed came to.... this was a select all + delete moment ...but I really couldn't afford to buy a new one....

That same bed

She has a reading corner to...which I think was the best move every .... cause this kid will read for hours even at the tender age of six....and has already been up there reading.

We named the room "The Room of Love" we want her to know that no matter what, that the room wasn't a place that she was sent to when she had been bad...that it was a place where when the world outside became to much for her it was a place where she would feel safe and loved.

She loves this little sofa

Most of the thinks in the room Ive made myself... the heart on the shelve was a wooden one I covered with paper to match her theme of Pink and Orange .

Mini Pin Boards which again are just cork boards covered

One of the prints we ordered from A life through the lens

Close up of her reading corner.... which she tells me she is sleeping in tonight

At time through out the last two days the temperature in the house has been as high as 91F but we just carried on with sweat dripping of us.... I'm so glad its done now.... and on a budget we did this room for under $100...

My grand total was $86
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  1. It looks fantastic :) well done on such a little amount too. I love that you've called it a room of love, it sounds so comforting that I want to move in ;) . Ill have my fingers crossed for you that it helps with the bathroom issues :).

  2. Wow and wow. What an amazing job you did in just a couple of days. I want a reading corner tooooo!! I particularly love the philosophy that you have given her for her bedroom. She will be truly happy there, just as it should be. Well done. x

  3. I truly believe that this is a moment that will change her life. From this day forward she'll have something tangible to remind her that when the world is too cruel, she's loved, treasured and worthy of all the love she feels in her room. She'll see that her family will go to any lengths to see her through her personal storms and calm the turbulence inside.

    Well done!

  4. Thank you Ladies.....
    Jen could have slept in there last night...cause she didn't lol.... it was all to much for her...
    Max... she understands the philosophy ... but doesnt think she is worthy of it....
    Countrymama..... I thik it will change her life... I think it has.... she is happy to read/play in there just couldnt sleep last night....