Saturday, July 31, 2010

Spill The Beans Saturday.

You know being a SAHM isn't all its cracked up to be ... by Saturday I'm so full to the brim that I need to let it all out.

There is a saying .... Spill the Beans ..... The English idiom “spill the beans” means “to divulge a secret.”

Oh boy do I have some beans to spill ....

In the world of Select All + Delete the beans can be anything from something I found to something that's happened .... Good or Bad

So Saturday is Spill the Beans :Saturday ......

And here are my beans for the week:


I love to know what is going on back home...
So I often read the newspapers online ...
In my younger days I spend sometime living in London... and no I didn't really enjoy it most of the time.... and I'm glad I'm not there now if this is what they are going to introduce, I'm all for the environment and saving energy... but I don't ride bicycles .... No really I DON'T 


Rad was a pain in my backside today, out of control kids cause they knew that my Mom and Dad where arriving the next day.... and no time to pull the reins in cause there was far to much to do ..... always the way ... they don't play me up if they have my full attention, they don't play me up if its all about them, they don't play me up if they are in control of me and any situation around them. Hence no of the above where happening so hence they where little tykes 


I had been thinking of all the places locally I could take my parents to... the one place that came to mind was a place called 

Monson in Milford New Hampshire 


 I went here last summer when I was working a summer camp and I was running the photography program .... It is the site for the first British settlers in the area and the house still stands.... I loved it here... and the stories behind it all 


 There where a few things that made me chuckle out loud

This is from a site called Old Tom Foolery

if you click on it you should be ale to see the names

Then there was Best of British ..... they have a slang page.... I show it to all my American friends so they can understand me..... 


Oh boy Thursdays our my Therapy days..... and Wednesday night  my therapist call me and said could I make it Friday morning..... Uhhhgggg ... So wanted to say no I need to see you now ...but I agreed and just prayed Friday would arrive quickly

Also on I found out that on Wednesday Ivy Bean had died.... we found Ivy Bean when we were looking for reading books for Bops ..... Ivy Bean was the oldest Twitterer ..... but Ivy & Bean is a series of children's reading books.


Yeahhhhh Therapy, by now I need therapy ...

I was being to feel like a fruitlooped-nutcaseing-hipporiding-mother.... ye it was all getting a bit much for me..... 

They had turned into RADS from HELL, and I was not dealing well.... I wont repeat most of the stuff I said to them but here is a insight into of one of our of the wall conversations Friday Morning

Bip: where we going

as we all got got into the car,

Me: You are going to  the park with Nanny and Teddy (thats what Bip and Bop call my mom and dad)

Bip: and you, what are you doing.

Me: I'm going to see Donna (The Therapist)

Bop: Why are you just going why are we not going, I want to go, why are you not taking us.......

She said some other things and Bip joined in to with the same ....

Me: I'll tell you why your not going, cause I need to go alone cause you pair are making me crazy and for the first time in 43 yrs of my life I need therapy ...... if I don't see Donna alone today I'm likely to rip both your heads of and the puke down your necks once Ive done that Ill leave you both strung up by your ankles covered in honey and the bears can have you.


then Bip said cool and I drove off down the road.

My parents God Bless them where thinking they had given birth to the Devils child some 43 years ago and it was only now they where realizing it.

Not the best way to speak to a RADling .... in fact I wouldn't recommend this form of angry in any shape or form but I was at my wits ends...and rad got the better of me....

So after all that I really hope you all have a wonderful weekend

and if you have any beans you would like to spill please feel free.


  1. just thought I'd finally leave a message, cos I do read your blog every day, or every other day, but I read it all :)
    Ivy Bean :( she was great, she was a Peter Andre fan, you probably won't really be aware of what a lovely bloke Pete is I bet, cos I bet you don't see much about him on tv over there. Well he's a truly lovely bloke, (dunno why I started writing about him now, hmmmm) oh yeah so when he was on tour and doing signings he made a special visit to Ivy.Hahahaha I have well and truly rambled in thi comment, hope your followers don't read my reply, cos they will think I am well nutz! I don't even know if when I press 'post comment' it will post it, as I haven't signed in, and probably can't even remember my blog name. I'm not really mad, ask my camel gordon. Love ya lady, gilly x

  2. What a fun idea to spill the beans! Glad you found my blog - loving yours.

  3. Gillyyyyyyy I love you can Gordon come back out to play plssssss I love Gordon...and no body will mind you rambling.....

    Cross the pond.... Welcome to my little bit of net .... I love your blog and if you need any help with English words give me a shout Id love to teach you some slang...and feel free to spill the beans with me love it