Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday's Flip Offs

They say there is a first time for everything.... and this is my first time joining Kludgy Mom for a much needed Flip off .....
so let the games begin....Friday Flip Off  here I come

To My Body : 12 hours sleep in 72 hours isnt enough has never been enough and will never be enough... whats you problem .... this is worse then Japanese Water Torture. How am I suppose to operate under these conditions?

To My Husband: As much as I love you, you soooooo need to stop using the bed like its your own personal trampoline .... I'm trying to sleep here and ever time I think I'm about to drift of into the land of nod you turn over and bounce me right out the bed.... you and my body are totally flipping me off now.

To The Idiot: Who thought he was driving in The UK.... wrong side of the road dude.... and what made you think it was my fault ... why did you honk your horn at me ... what part of YOUR ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD do you not understand.... and did you notice there was a speed limit to... maybe if I had not slowed down and hit you instead you could of drove off on the RIGHT side of the road .... bird brain

and finally

To the Creature/Critter: that has punctured the rim of our new swimming pool that we only brought at the beginning of summer.... do you not know we are on a budget here and can not afford to go and swim at the local pool, you have totally spoiled the kids week plus I now have to find where you punctured it... do you not think I have enough to do this week without this

Phew that  feels better

Now its your turn

Either join the Hop or just leave me a message telling me what Flipped you off this week
Friday Flip-offs


  1. Awesome flips! Sorry but the one about your husband crack me up LOL.
    Hope you'll have a great weekend.

  2. Glad you joined in. Yeah, I think on that little sleep I'd be ready to murder someone.

  3. Haha. Great flips. I'm laughing because as much as I've tried to refrain from flipping hubs, I must sleep with my arms over my face to protect it. Seriously. He's elbowed me in the nose multiple times. Sorry about the sleep deprivation. That sucks.

  4. lol bad critter! I will trade you your outside critter for my inside mouse!

  5. Hey! Its my FFO too and im from the UK! Great list, and I can totally relate with the first one Im running on caffeine at the moment I might as well take it on a drip :(