Tuesday, July 27, 2010


It's funny that even at the age of 43, seeing my parents can bring out the child in me...

The inner child the one who just wants to crawl up on my fathers lap and snuggle,  the child who wants to follower her mother everywhere, and not let her out of her sight.

That has been me this afternoon, after nearly two years I got to see them again, the people who brought me into this world  ... brought me up to be a decent human being..... the ones who saw me through rough times cried with me when I cried, rejoiced with me when I was happy.

Its funny cause I have always been very independent, live on an island by myself type of girl.....
Never needed anyone... until the people nearest to me where not there.

I never imagined when I moved to the States, that I would miss anyone... I just don't do the whole missing thing.

When I saw them this afternoon I cried... cried on my moms shoulder... almost a sobbed

I realized for the first time in my life... that I had missed someone.


  1. Rachel, this is a really lovely post. I'm so happy that you're back with your parents. I always breathe out when I see my folks because suddenly I'm not the parent anymore, you know? The sense of relief that a grown up has finally arrived to take responsibility is awesome.

  2. I bet your parents were even happier to see YOU :) It is okay to miss people. Doesn't make you any less independent. Just symbolises connection. Have a great time together.

  3. You made me tear up...have a wonderful time, and tell your parents I think their dd is pretty cool!

  4. Thanks Ladies.... I love your comments.
    It will be an awesome time I know.... its been long over due

  5. Love this post! Brought tears to my eyes. All I can say is enjoy them to the fullest while they are here for their visit and always stay in touch with them once they have to go back home! I'm not sure if you have ever heard how & when I lost both of my parents (it was at different times) but I cried & sob (as you said) at my fathers funeral....I was an orphan @ the young age of 36!
    I thank God that I do have such a loving extended family!
    Love ya!

  6. Reading your post reminded me of the day my daughter moved to a city 4 hours away. I cried and sobbed on her shoulder after I helped her move in, cried on the four hour drive home, cried every night when I went to bed for a week. Just never thought that maybe my mom did this for me too.

    And I'm sure your mother did when you moved "across the pond". Follow her around every waking moment while she's there. I'm sure she loves it! And you're never too old to curl up beside dad for snuggles. My father passed away and how I wish I still could.

    Praying that you have a wonderful time with them and that the whole family has the opportunity to be closer.