Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spill The Beans : Saturday.

You know being a SAHM isn't all its cracked up to be ... by Saturday I'm so full to the brim that I need to let it all out.

There is a saying .... Spill the Beans ..... The English idiom “spill the beans” means “to divulge a secret.

Oh boy do I have some beans to spill ....

In the world of Select All + Delete the beans can be anything from something I found to something that's happened .... Good or Bad
So Saturday is Spill the Beans :Saturday ......

And here are my beans for the week:

I wish I hadn't spend 5 minutes and 15 seconds of my life watching this.
Now its totally your personal choice if you waste 5 minutes and 15 seconds doing the same, I will not be held responsible in any shape or form.

While in Stop and Shop one of our local grocery store I had this conversation

Check out girl : " I love your accent are you from Australia"
Me : " No I'm British"
Check out girl : "or South African"
Me : " No British "
Check out girl : " I can't decide, it's hard to tell"
Me : " Well when you do let me know"

Found a Blog:
Well really I found it on Monday but by Tuesday I realized that this was a daily ready, a daily must ...This wonderful Lady has me giggling everyday.

Found another Blog:
This one I really did find on Tuesday, it was the name that caught my eye first .... and then the contents, I love it, it's so refreshing .... A Beautiful mess

The realization that there is only 13 days until my parents arrive from the UK for a 6 week visit hits me like a ton of bricks, as I go reeling off to start the super clean up.

Also My wonderful Hubby brought me a yellow rose home, he brought Bop one to... was so cute to see her face as she received her very first flower from her daddy.

Started to read "Building the Bonds of Attachment" by Daniel A. Hughes. It follows the story of Katie, a case study of the development course of this child following years of neglect and abuse.
This is a must read not only for parents of RAD Children but for any one who is a parent in any shape or form.... its good people believe me ..... it will have you hooked.

Made my mind up the dog needs to go into therapy .... he's an alcoholic.
Wednesday he drank my Vodka + Coke and then did the same on Friday.

The Hound

So that's my beans for this week ....

Do you have any beans you would like to spill ?

Have a wonderful weekend folks .....

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  1. Yes, the world seems to see the job of a SAHM as an easy/stress free one...WRONG! I tell them it must be nice to have 8 hr days, paid vaca. and sick days cuz I sure don't! I love my job but some days a second shift helper would be great..or a day off. Hope you find those sites I sent you helpful.

  2. lol forgot about vacation and sick days lol oh and 8hr days.... and yes I have started to look at the sites you sent me thanks

  3. Being a SAHM is THE HARDEST JOB IN THE WORLD! People who think it's peaches and cream? Should be shot on site!

  4. LMAO Christy...couldn't have said it better myself....

  5. What's with our dogs and the alcoholism...your fam is staying with you for 6 weeks...eeeek! Being a SAHM will cause you to set your hair on fire...although, it's totally worth it...ummm...sorta...

  6. I was just checking out the site links you posted, figuring I'd like them too, and one of them was me!! Well, at first I thought, who the h**l stole my name, but then I saw all the liquor references and "poor" language, and realized it was me! You are too sweet!

  7. Angie.... its took me about 2 mins to reply to this post cause you had me laugh so hard.... and yes 6 weeks... the thing is I have to make up for not seeing them for 2 yrs lol.... so 6 weeks isn't that bad when you look at it that way.... but on saying that if the dog carries on drinking my vodka I may just go crazy while they are here.... or set my hair on fire you tell me its sorta worth it ....