Friday, July 9, 2010

Hurting Feet !

I can't blog my feet hurt far to much... Ye i know ... what does that have to do with blogging but really believe me has a lot to do with it.... I cant think if my feet hurt. One good thing is Bop's new room is nearly done.... Hopefully by tomorrow her room will be finished and I can show you all
her new LOVE room.


  1. What on earth is wrong with your feet? And, you're right, when the feet hurt, the whole body hurts. Maybe there's something in that reflexology schtick after all? Hope your feet are in recovery right now.

  2. they were swollen and just painful... I had been standing nearly all day doing Bop's room and it was 90F in the house ...not so hot outside mind you..... fully recovered now...and hoping to finish the room today