Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spill The Beans Saturday : Plus Me Moaning About Stuff

You know being a SAHM isn't all its cracked up to be ... by Saturday I'm so full to the brim that I need to let it all out.

There is a saying .... Spill the Beans ..... The English idiomspill the  beans” means “to divulge a secret.
Oh boy do I have some beans to spill ....

In the world of Select All + Delete the beans can be anything from something I found to something that's happened .... Good or Bad

So Saturday is Spill the Beans :Saturday ......

And here are my beans for the week:

Bip's Birthday ..... I have a lot to say on this subject but wont say it right now..... cause it involves emotions and this isn't the right time... far to many emotions to spill out here..... and they need to be put into prospective.
So watch this space.
You know when you find something and you think about it for that long you still can make a decision on the subject.
I found a blog sometime ago they followed me and I checked them out they had a link to another site which I checked out and they have a weekly project going on for September, and I think I want to do it but I'm so not 100% sure I have the time to do it and I'm umming and arrring about it all. So could someone just tell me what to do please


Totally freaking out day, had to go to Meet the Teacher afternoon with Bip and Bop, I was totally armed with print outs on RAD .....  Nancy Thomas does a print out about RAD just for teachers.
I have always felt judged by teachers and parents alike ...... like I'm not bringing my kids up correctly .... so as I handed out the information everything inside me was shouting " take that sucker see its not my parenting skills or lack off"

Its funny people tell me how much my kids are liked by their kids.... I raise eyebrows at this cause if my kids where that liked how come neither of them get birthday party invites or play date phone calls from parents or kids in their classes....... how come they hang out with Mom all the time .... I mean come on people I'm not stupid.

 And off we go School's back in session ......

Ok now for some fun ........  La Photocabine
That's all I'm going to tell you.... its a must its a laugh but no good if you don't have a web cam I don't think

 Finally, I love Fridays its the day I look forward to most
No homework day.
Last day of the week ...and believe me the week is normally a shed full of pants (underwear pants for the Americans)
Its the day I enjoy a drink the most ..... don't ask what I drink Its common knowledge the dog enjoys one to.
Its time to catch up on some of my favourite blogs that Ive not manged to get round to.
I get to sleep in on a Saturday......
This Saturday I manged a whole 30 minutes ..... wow I hear you say isn't she a lucky girl....

Sorry if Ive moaned a fair bit this week.... I'm feeling pretty bitched out to be honest .....

So that's my beans for this week ....

Do you have any beans you would like to spill ?

Have a wonderful weekend folks .....


  1. Hello there! What a lovely blog you have!

    Thanks for spilling your beans! I am finding it difficult of think of any to spill as I am up FAR too late and so my brain is not working it seems!

    So my Saturday spill would have to be that I'm up way past my bedtime..!

  2. That's a lot of beans this week, Rachel. Beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you spill the more you... well, we all know how that ends.

    Hope this week is a little easier for you. x

  3. lol maxabella your funny....and Gill welcome to Select all + delete ...thanks for stopping by