Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Have a Princess in My House

So first let me say Im sorry.
Yesterday ran away with me and I forgot to spill the beans .....
It was a crazy day yesterday ..... we had to get ready for a party this afternoon then we headed over to our annual family outing, something we do every year for Bops Birthday ..... Jaffery Fireworks ..... its a late night but worth every minute we waste waiting for the fireworks display ....... Photo's from this to come later.
Back to the Princess in my house.... she is 7 today ....  Im quiet emotional today .... Ive nurtured this Princess for 3 years and I see today that we have come along way. I see a blessing in front of me today ..... A child who made me a mother.
She told her brother Bip this morning that I gave birth to her, after he said something about their birth mother.
We have tried to tell her this isn't true, but she will have none of it, I just pray that when she does realize the truth that she doesn't crumble under it.
We will party this afternoon even if it is raining, first rain we have had in weeks and it comes the day we don't want it.
So the reason for this post is to show you all the Princess that Im so proud of .... Ive never really posted photo's of my children and it feels time today.
I want you to see the change in the last three years, how she had grown and blossomed.
We do a mini photo shoot every year on the children's birthday
 Bop age 4
Our first Birthday together, we held this party the same day we got married, the morning was ours the afternoon was her's ..... it was a totally hectic day 
 Princess even back then
 My Princess today.
 We managed to get the photo shot in before the rain came

 She looks so grown up.
Happy Birthday Princess Bop.
Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.
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  1. She looks gorgeous in her pretty party dress. She has a kind, sweet face which makes me believe that she's going to be okay.


  2. Gorgeous photos and what a beautiful little girl. Love the idea of a mini photo shoot each year for their birthdays. Those special moments go by far too quickly.

  3. Thank you ladies..we had a wonderful day with her