Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh My Goodness

So I won this today...
My very first bloggy award.... so a big shout out to Angie from Like She's Somebody ..... This lady has had me laughing so many times.... she had a wonderful sense of humor, well you have to with frizzy hair I guess.... Angie you know I love you .... and your frizzy hair ..... So Angie awarded me this .... and now I have to tell you 7 things about me or post an old post ..... I'm going to go with 7 things I think...... Don't want to bore your pants off again with another one of my posts.....
Oh and after Ive done that I have to award this award to some of you out there.... so hold a breaths ....

1: I have a Dog who drinks vodka and Coke and a Rabbit that wont eat lettuce
2: I'm Dyslexic (letters and numbers)
3: I'm scared stiff of anything that flies except butterflies
4: I never passed my driving test in The UK but manged to do it in The USA (Failed 3 times)
5: My favorite comedian is Peter Kay
6: I admire people who speak their mind...... even if I don't always agree with you I admire you for standing up for what you believe in
7: I'm sarcastic ..... and it gets me in trouble.
So with no further a do I would like to award this award to the following Blogs....
Drum Roll Please

Life and love in the country 

Maxabella Loves 


Good Moms Are a Lot of Things

 * So I just noticed that part of this post is missing

The part that was missing said this 

To the three blogs I awarded you can do the 7 questions about yourself or do nothing ...... but please pass the award on to another blog or blogs that you think deserves this


  1. Congratulations on the (very deserved) award.

    I'm not sure how you found out that your dog drinks vodka, but I don't think I wanna know :)

    I'm very surprised that you're dyslexic. I would love to hear more about this (Maxi-Taxi looks like he may also have this). How do you manage to write so well, for instance? And does it freak you out a little that online is ALL words and letters?

    Oh, and thank you thank you thank you for the award! I'm pleased as punch that you thought of me.

  2. Ahh... thank you! That was so sweet!