Thursday, August 19, 2010

So When Did We Get Married?

So just before dinner my mother hands me and my hubby a present ....
On the front it says Happy Anniversary .... now me and my wonderful hubby just look at each other and smile

I say "Shall we open it today or wait til tomorrow"
He says " why would be wait till tomorrow"
"Because tomorrow is our wedding anniversary"
"Hunny" he smiles " It was yesterday"
I'm puzzled and I say "No Hunny its tomorrow"

The whole time my poor mother is standing there looking back and forth at us like we are a tennis match.
we in the meantime are still debateing weather its tomorrow or yesterday when finaly she says

"Hmmmmm sorry to interrupt but its today"

 Then the penny drops and I look at this wonderful man who three years ago today I committed my life to forever more and I smile

"Hunny" I say with my sweetest smile ever, can you here my sarcasm 
" If it was that it was yesterday ... how come you DIDN'T even say Happy Bloody Wedding  Anniversary to me yesterday morning when you kissed me good bye"

He in return says nothing and handed me a Vodka and Coke.

This is a Flog Yo Blog post on Thursday from the house where no one seems to know when they got married



  1. Gorgeous! That puts in perspective my inability to remember my husband's and second daughter's birthdays. Luckily we got married on a public holiday so it's easy to remember.

  2. Haha. It also brings up the argument that once your married do you celebrate your 'getting together' anniversary as well as your wedding anniversary?
    We got married in March and have been together for 6 years. This year we where so busy with life that we totally forgot our getting together anniversary but hubby kindly pointed out that we no longer need to celebrate being that we are recently married we know have a new date to celebrate. is he right? haha.
    Great read stumbled across you from FYBF.

  3. Ha ha! Classic!!! Love your reaction. Vodka and Coke? Quick thinking, your 'hunny' is safe.

  4. *LMAO* Just turn it into a 3 day even next year, the day of,before and after you think it might me. Good choice of day BTW, it's my son's birthday. We know what day we got married, we just forget for how long.

  5. Hehehehe... sounds familiar! Happy Anniversary... whenever it was :)

  6. That is great! At least you are as bad as each other :)

    We married on Halloween. Can't forget that one. But don't worry, my husband probably would if it weren't such a memorable date!

  7. Hi, I love this! I can't follow from home for some unknown stoopid computer reason, but will try from work on Monday x

  8. Like this post! For hubby and I it is the month of March, we met in March and seven years later married in March - different date, but the month is a whole festival of love! And then just in case either of us ever did forget - our wedding date is engaged on the inside of our wedding rings! Hope you did manage to have a quiet moment together!