Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Am I Meant To Be Quiet About This?

How do you feel about the emails you receive that says "Do not delete"  "Do not break the prayer chain" "Send to 10 friends and all day long you will have good luck" "Forward to 15 friends and I hope I'm one of them"
Personally they drive me nuts and I always delete, break the prayer and never send or forward to anyone ..... I know what a party pooper ......But seriously do you know how many I received today, Ill tell you eight, and all of them except for one was of the above nature, all of which are now in the delete bin.... yep that's right Select All + Delete ....
So all except one..... now Ive had this email on my mind most of the day...... it was the type of email that I nearly so very nearly just deleted without opening..... I'm so good at that and I'm sure I my have missed some vital information at some point or another ....
So back to this email.
Its title was Sharia and the Muslim Faith.
Now I know I could get very near to a point of no return writing this post, I may even over step some boundaries and offend someone, but if that does happen I will apologies now and at the same time point out I do have freedom of speech and I'm also going to pledge the 5th.

There were certain words that stood out to me

Words like

Joys of Muslim Women
Ripping the West in Two
Cruel and Usual Punishment
An honor

To name just a few

There where bits of this email that had my hair standing on end and made me think about my children's future, even my own future.
I wonder about the safety of the author of this original email ..... the author of the book that is advertised with in the email, and the safety of Muslin woman everywhere.
Our safety also comes to mind, and where will America's lack of justices lead us all.
For all that America says it will do to bring certain people to justices ..... does it really happen or is it just to pacify its people.
I am going to finish this post and publishes the email on a separate page.... if you wish to finish reading this post right here I do understand and thank you for getting this far
if you wish to go on and read the email then please feel free to do so....its an enter at your own risk type of thing

Click here to read more

I don't want to offend anyone,as I have already said but I am woman who cant ignore what is going on around me.... I also cant hide the fact that I am a believer (The Jesus kind) and that what I believe to be right, just and true is under attack. Nothing new about that, but we are not meant to fight back or retaliate. Hmmmm now that's not my style.

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  1. I cannot stand those emails. They drive me crazy because I don't believe them. Life is what it is.

    Thanks for coming on the Tuesday Train with us. Have a great week!

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower from Tuesday Train. Stop by for a visit if you can!

  3. You have an award at my place, pop over!

  4. There is hatred in every religion, Rach. Ignore, ignore, ignore!