Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Flip Offs

Flip Off Friday ....... is about getting rid of  your weekday angst!

A big shout out for  Kludgy Mom  for hosting Flip Off Friday.

I don't have that much this week..... its been a really good week... had some awesome break through with Bip and Bop..... but there are a few out that sure need my flip off to complete their week.

Flip Off

To the Doctor who treated my neighbors for a simple plantar's wart on the bottom of her foot, he did his job so well that 9 hours later she had to go to the ER, jackass had treated the wrong area and she ended up with a chemical burn with infection...... 

To the bank who will not finance the car we want cause it had done to many miles....... you try being a one car family with a hubby at work and a son in summer school ......and no time to go look for another car right now.... 

To the driver who insisted on driving up my butt yesterday cause I was going a bit slower than normal cause I couldn't see, because of the storm we were driving in......idiot.

There that feels better....... 

Now your turn .... jump on over to Kludgy Mom  and join the flip of.

Fridays Flip Off


  1. haha don't you hate when ppl do that in bad weather? We get that all the time with snow in Minnesota. Jerks! I am glad you had a good week :)

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  3. Josh ... how cute are you ..... but I dont understand why I would add my blog ...I dont giveaway anything ...unless you include bad advice