Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life is Beautiful : Photo Prompt

This weeks  Melissa chosse the prompt for 2 Photographers, 1 inspiration. Her prompt was " Life is Beautiful"
Both Melissa and Kristi's Photos and interpretations are as always inspiring ...... I love both their work and I do wait in anticipation waiting for them to post their prompt for the week then their photo's.

I always want to thank them both for allowing others to participate in this weekly photo prompt 

Please take the time to go see their work, and leave them both a comment, it will be worth the simple click it takes I promise.

I had far to many idea's running through my head this week when I saw the prompt, there is so much beauty that surrounds us in this world.
The beauty that just surrounds my life alone is enough to make a girls mind work overtime.

I left my photo till the last minute today in fact I only took it a few hours ago ....... I was walking round my garden looking for an inspirational moment when all of a sudden it came to me....

The Word of the Lord is the most beautiful thing in my life, something that I don't always appreciate as much as I know I should.

Flowers are another beautiful thing in life, this flower was brought over to me by my wonderful neighbor yesterday, and reminded me and my mom of my grandfather .... it was his favorite flower ... A Gladioli.
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  1. So perfect Rachel! The words from the scriptures are beautiful especially paired with your grandfather's favorite flower. Thank YOU for your are making this so much fun!