Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Layout and Maybe Some Help :)

Do you get bored?
I guess I must do.... second blog layout change in a week.
Ive been trying to do my own I don't want to copy what others have done and I do really enjoy messing about in photo shop.... but and here is my problem ...and just maybe there is someone out there who could help me
how do I get the HTLM code for a background .... the header is no problem I can do that with my eyes closed so to speak but I have no clue as to the background and what size I should make it to up load it....
So My real personality is shinning through here.... I'm totally in awe of STEAMPUNK.

I just love the concept.

When Hubby and I meet playing Secondlife ...One of my Toon was Steampunk  Hubby was Vamp, but that soon changed.

So its a fascination so to speak and an outlet of frustration, I mean can you really see me dressing like this and taking the kids to school..... Oh My Goodness..... how totally hilarious.

My layout comes from a site called Itkupilli I totally love her stuff and want to give her a huge shout out.
I will be working yet again on my own layout but for now will use this one Itkupilli made.

So if anyone out there would love to give me some pointers I sure would love you for life
And please note there will be more steampunk around ..its about time the real me stepped up to the show.... 
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  1. Oh my! I got a real shock when your page loaded. Thought I was somewhere else.

    I can't really help on the HTML biz. Sorry love!


  2. lol sorry didn't mean to shock...and that's ok maybe someone else will be able to

  3. I adore steampunk, i'll have a think about the html for you over the weekend, if noone else has worked it out for you :) x