Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spill The Beans Saturday : Incuding .. A really good movie

You know being a SAHM isn't all its cracked up to be ... by Saturday I'm so full to the brim that I need to let it all out.
There is a saying .... Spill the Beans ..... The English idiomspill the  beans” means “to divulge a secret.
Oh boy do I have some beans to spill ....
In the world of Select All + Delete the beans can be anything from something I found to something that's happened .... Good or Bad
So Saturday is Spill the Beans :Saturday ......
And here are my beans for the week:

I love finding sites that are interactive ..... and I don't fully remember where or how I found this one..... but its sure worth a share ... especially for all of you who have little girls in the family.

 Day at home...... only because we are a one car family at the moment and I wanted to sleep in instead of getting up at stupid O'clock to take hubby to work.

Taking him to work has been a really special time for us both, its a time to reflect and pray together, but there comes a time when a girl needs to sleep more.... this was one of those times.

RAD turned up big time.... I haven't wrote much lately about RAD and the kids...... its hasn't been quite on the RAD front I have just not wanted to write about it, but this day I went to pick hubby up from work and left the kids with my mom and dad.... and up and till now they had been fairly well behaved.... but when you arrive home and your mother already had a drink in her hand and tells you ....

"You will need drink before I tell you what they have been up to"

You know its going to be bad
Ye it was is just a brief run down of what we walked back into
TV remote took nearly all night to find.... Rabbit had been scared out of his fur..... dog was hiding behind the sofa shaking ..... and my parents where left wondering which whirlwind had entered the house.

I love finding new sites and blogs.....
I also love paper products ...... cards, bags, wrapping paper ... if its made from paper I'm going to love it ...its a guarantee.
These cards had me whooshing and whooping as another love of mine is Birdcages the vintage type.

Fine Day Press is worth a visit
Also worth a visit is a site called Happiness is......
A  design  inspiration blog.
Thought I'd share this with you.....
Some of you may like a signature on your blog but not sure how to make one ...well this is the easy way .... and wont give you a headache trying to figure it all out ....enjoy

Letters To God.
An awesome tear gerking movie.....
We watched it as a family and even Bop sat still though out the whole movie... that's a shocker cause unless its animated she isn't interested.
Instead of writing you a review I found the trailer to the movie .....

So that's my beans for this week ....

Do you have any beans you would like to spill ?
Have a wonderful weekend folks .....


  1. That's a pretty full week! I'm glad that you included one day for sleeping in instead of getting up at "stupid o'clock"! I hope you don't mind, but I think I'm going to use that one. . . I used to get up between 5 and 6 am at the old house but for some strange reason I've been sleeping in til, well, very late. This is going to be my new reason for sleeping in.

  2. oh ye pls use it ..... its a perfect reason

  3. Big week! It must be lovely having your folks to stay.

    I'm with you on the paper thing - I've always been the biggest fan of stationery. Even as a young girl my idea of heaven was being able to go into the stationery room at my dad's work. And cracking a fresh notebook - ah, heaven!

    Have a great week ahead. ♥