Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On Your Marks, Get Set, GO

The days before school starts and we are off the wall.
It's like you know the train is coming but when it arrives it knocks you for six.

I know they are both scared, I know its the unknown, I know its fear you can see it in their eyes.
New class, new teachers.... but not a new school.

We have one stealing, lieing, sneaking around the house, raging, and fighting with anyone who will fight with him.

The other is fighting with with the one who wants to fight just cause she can, peeing her pants and sitting all over the furniture, hiding wet pants, destroying every thing in her path, and refusing to answer the simplest of questions, and raging cause she ses her brothing doing it and thinks its away to remove the attention from him so she gets it.

Then you have me who is TRYING to keep calm ...... not raise my voice ..... and still dish out lots of love.

I keep praying it will end when they get on the bus tomorrow.
I pray it will end and not beginning again when they get home.
I nearly prayed they didn't come home tomorrow

Only joking, lets face it there has to be some humor in all this.



  1. The first day my oldest went to school, she was like, "See ya Mom!" Then my twin boys cried the whole morning and didn't want to let me go when I took them. It will be ok.

    Thanks for joining us today!

  2. Thanks Christy... so my jumping on the train was a bit later in the day but as you can see I have my hands full lol

  3. Following you from the Tuesday Train

  4. Following you from the Tuesday Train.

    Hope that your days get easier.

  5. I know your pain! I've been going through the beginning of school horror for 12 years, since my first started preschool. He's now 14 and my youngest 11, so it's off to High School and Junior High this year. Both my kids have anxiety disorder to begin with.

    Good luck!

  6. Ouch! I can't imagine a RAD kid who is also a scared kid. They are hard enough to handle when they are out of their element as it is. I hope it all goes well for them (and you!) x

  7. Thank you for visiting and following blog.
    Your's is so cute and I cannot wait to see more.
    I love your perfect moment wednesdays too. The firecrackers were beautiful. I might just have to join in!

    Kristen M.