Friday, August 27, 2010

Fridge Chronicles: August

Ive been meaning to do this all week, I even took the photo's of my fridge the day Maxabella first put the linky up but the week has just run away with me .... story of my life.
So my fridge ...
Not that much diffrent from last month except it has some huge pictures on it that Bop has colored in from her Bible coloring book, and Bip's art work Theme LOVE.
There are a few new thinks on there.......
The UNO's $5 off coupon..... like we are going to use this.... we wont we never go out for dinner now we are doing therapeutic parenting.... we dont really have anyone who would class as respite care. I wouldnt punish anyone like that.
 I dont know if you can make out whats on the top of it, its a card that says "The Lord is my Comforter"
maybe The Lord can look after the kids why I go out for dinner lol... or send me respite care.
My mom normally sends me these cards they are from a calendar she has in The UK and every month she sends me last months ...they rip of like post cards.
This one she brought with her.
 A thank you card from Kristi over at life through the lens after I brought some prints from her Etsy shop for Bop's bedroom...... let me just say her work is awesome and she is a totally sweet person you should check her shop out.
 Bip's new home work schedule ..... ever year I have to get my head round homework schedules... every class is different and as Bip is my eldest its always a new thing..... this takes a few weeks for me to work out.

And a big thank you to Maxabella Loves for hosting the Fridge Chronicles.


  1. Yay! Thanks for joining in, my friend. You didn't mention it, but I had a chuckle over the Marmite magnet - a spread we can believe in. So funny.

    Homework. Blah. Not looking forward to the H word entering my home next year!!!

    Happy weekend, Rach!


  2. I was so busy looking at your fridge it took me a moment to notice your gorgeous apple wallpaper! I know this is supposed to be about the fridge but I love that paper....
    Love your Marmite magnets!