Monday, December 6, 2010

Grounded with Mom

My daughter ...bless her ....

Will be spending the week at home with her mother being home schooled ...

Oh joy for me

I had threaten that if the refusing to do work, hiding under tables cause she is mad ( normally for no real reason it would seem) didn't stop then she would be pulled out of school and homes school ..... this was after she dumped her homework Friday night on the school bus and proclaimed to me she had none...

What she didn't know was that her teacher had called me just as she left school to tell me what was going on... this homework was extra work that she had refused to do in school that day.

So as I am not one to making empty threates I know have to see this one though....

So over the next few days my post may be of a ranting nature or they may looked slurred ..depending on weather I can find the bottle vodka I hid from the dog.

Oh and she hates me right now... she told me so.


  1. Good on you for following through (dont you love it when you find yourself having to follow through..) Good luck! x

  2. Thanks Maxabella Im gonna need it

  3. So what happens if it turns out she does better being home schooled?

  4. Oh that's been talked about and if she does then...I guess I'm homeschooling ....