Thursday, December 9, 2010

Creating The Light.

 (Art Work Credited to TatterBeans)

It has been six months.... Since I quit my day job and entered into Therapeutic Parenting.

Ive regreted it all at times, Ive rejocied in it at times.....

Ive seen the light, lost it and found it again.
Ive pulled my hair out and its regrown.
Ive cried myself to sleep at night, and woke up laughing.
Ive been bored out my mind,but to busy to think.

It seems like only yesterday when we made the decisions  that I would come out of the white collar world, and become a SAHM to our two RADdlings.(not sure what RADdlings means check over in the right hand column)

I had great visions of grandeur to begin with, I always see roses before I see weeds. Then for whatever reason I lost my mind vision
A wise woman said to me around this time of losing my mind vision

"You need to be doing something for you, something your passionate about, something that inspires you" 

This did strike a cord with me, I enjoy the creative side of life but had not done anything creative since leaving my job as an Art Director for our local Boys & Girls club.

The only photography I did was quick snap shots of the kids... Id stopped drawing, didn't do any crafts, everything had gone.

I did start to do some creative work again slowly but it was surely.
I then asked a question to two women online who I admire, one for her ability to put into words what we are all thinking  and the other for her artistic talent ....

"What do you think to my work?''
There response was positive, they told me to go for it and not look back.
I am crap at self belief .... Im even worse at self promotion.

I'm scared of failure ...and I always think everyone else is soooo much better than me ... which as I write this I still believe to be true...

But and here is the positive, I have stepped out ...Ive even stepped up .... I took a leap of faith ...... and I did just what everyone had been telling me to do....

It is early days and all business take time to grow and be known ..... maybe I will succeed maybe I wont.
It wont matter either way.......the important thing is Me is back ...the one who is alive and kicking ......

*And if anyone wants to know what it is I'm up to...there are hints of it all on this site 

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  1. Love the create photo, you are very creative!

  2. good on you rachel! fantastic post and fantastic news for you...will look forward to following your journey if you plan to document it on your blog....

    Gill xo

  3. @ Gill I will document it but on my other blog TatterBeans ....

    @ Sarah thank you :)

  4. I did not pick up this until you made it explicit today! Well done you. Some fine handywork there.

    And, for the record, you are just like any other parent. All over it one minute, and totally over it the next!

    Love your work :)

  5. "I'm scared of failure ...and I always think everyone else is soooo much better than me ... which as I write this I still believe to be true... "

    This is what I struggled with during my years as a professional musician - and you know something? There IS always someone better than you - but that doesn't make what you have to contribute any less valuable.

    Now I just need to repeat this to myself again as I reinvent myself as a photographer!

  6. What Cate said, but I'm not a musician. I'm not the best at anything, but I don't mind. This life shouldn't be a competition, we are in it together, to help each other be the best we can be and being kind to ourselves as well as our neighbour is the easiest and best way to go! I only started to create stuff again this year after many years of nothing and am taking it very slowly. One step at a time...

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    Have a great day!

  8. If you are not believing yourself after all these comments, I'm going to come over there and shake you by the shoulders. Your work is AMAZING. You are so clever. And you are going places. Yes, even with the Radlings! xx