Friday, December 10, 2010

Featured in a Treasury on Etsy

I had an email today from Etsy.....

I had been featured in a Treasury....
I was totally excited.
Its not front page but if we get lots of clicks veiws and comments it might just make it ... which would be totally awesome .....

My print that got picked is this one 

 Featured on

There is Still Time...All Undiscovered in 10 Categories Whew!

I have all morning been trying to embed a code from Cultcraft that would show you all the treasury but it will not work for me ...totally gutted.. so if anyone knows how to get this silly code to work I would love to hear from you.....

But in the meantime do a girl a favour and go view click and comment if you can me get to the from page

Id be really Grateful


  1. Congratulations! I'm heading over to do my bit to get you on the front page immediately. :-)

  2. Here Ya go Rachel...this is the best I could do..Good Luck..Behind you all the way! xox Trudy

  3. Shoot..I thought it would be live link..

    If you go to and check on my profile you will see the treasury..It's getting a lot of views..Let's move it forward..

    Name of the treasury is "There is still Time"

    Thanks...Good Luck Rachel!

  4. So I've visited - but then what do I do?

  5. Well done, hope it gets all the clicks you need to be pushed to the front!

  6. Cool, I'll see what I can do too! Well done.

  7. Want to thank you all for doing your bit....

    @ Loz you did it you visited.... that counts as a click I if you have an Etsy account or would like to make one you could leave a comment

  8. Went and clicked! Not sure where I was supposed to comment?