Friday, December 3, 2010

This week Im Grateful for : Survival

 Image by Me

Its been one hell of a week let me tell you this much... so I'm grateful I survived it so to speak.
It started of with my dog you know the one that loved Vodka and Coke ... ye him.. he became well lets say he became not is his self....

Tuesday morning we were woken up at 5am by him hacking ..... honestly I thought he was going to die, and there felt like nothing I could do to help him, I hate feeling that helpless.
So by 7.30 am I was ringing the vets but before I could ring the vets Bop decided to play me up cause the dog being ill wasn't about her....this continued all through the day with phone calls from school, peep talks from me over the phone and her just being a dammm right nuisance in every department going.

So we get to the vets long story short he has an abscess in his jaw line throat area from probably eating grass which he does fairly often... he secretly wishes he was a cow.... he did this last year and it cost us over $600 for a operation to remove the abscess ... fingers crossed we have caught it in time this year.

While on the way back from the vets which let me point out is not even five minutes up the road he throws up in my car.... and it looked like egg yoke ... maybe the abscess busting ...I wonder... but it wasn't pleasant to clean up.
Bop has continued to play me up cause the dog being sick isn't about her.... bless her RADdy ways ...
So being a thoughtful mom I decided to defuse the situation and got the Christmas tree out yesterday for them to help decorate that night once daddy got home.... more to come on that in a minuter

But first the visitor ... I'm so grateful that my husband dealt with the visitor in a timely fashion and in a humane way... we caught the mouse and he was set free in the woods behind us ... read more about this here if you don't know the story

Back to the tree.... ye not such a good idea... cause the dog is still sick and its not about her.... no need to say any more the tree is up but I have a few bold patches where hair once grew.

Oh and to top it all she dumped her homework on the school bus today...saying she didn't have any.
Well mom knows she did cause the teacher had rang mom tell her that more than normal was coming home, as she had refused to work most of the day and spent it under the table....

Well I'm off to find my table and I may just stay there most of the weekend.

So this week I'm grateful for Survival Technique.

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  1. Love your To-do-List. Hope your weekend gets better.

  2. *hug* Hope your weekend gets better or at the very least you handle it much better than you thought possible. She'll only be little once and every day like this will teach you something you can use for the next day you're ready to find a table and share shots with Joey. As for your visitor, well he knew where the good food and warm blankets were so you can't fault him for trying.

  3. Your image is so cooL! Some weeks... x

  4. I just hope this is the worse it gets for you and you doggie is on the mend. Scary.
    Eww I don't like mice either.
    I like your survival list.
    I'll add
    You wake up everyday and breath.
    You believe in yourself that you can get through this.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I so need to print out that to do list. love it!

  6. I think under the table is a perfectly sensible place to retreat sometimes!! :-) xxxCate

  7. Sometimes, as much as life is wonderful and blah blab blah, you just have days where surviving is the best you can do.

    My well-wishes for your dog- I have very upsetting nightmares about my pet dying and he's only a fish!

  8. Give your daughter and your dog a cuddle and just give yourselves time to all calm down and find some solutions...they will come!

  9. You ladies are the best ...... thanks for your wonderful comments.... and if you want to print my list out please feel free

  10. Oh dear, I hope the dog has improved now? Jen (visiting from bloghop)