Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I ♥ Quench Metalworks.

Have you ever been just trolling over web pages, facebook, Etsy and suddenly something hits you smack bang in the face and your in love. Yes/No?

This I have to say doesnt happen that ofton with me but it did today.
I was just checking emails and facebook while Bop was eating her lunch (remember Im homeschooling this week) and on the front page of my facebook this little gem shows up.

I have for sometime admired Quench Metalwork's work, they are unique in every sense of the word.

They are on my after Christmas list which I informed my husband a few nights ago (we also buy each other something after the Christmas session as affording something before is nearly always imposable)

The piece that made me fall in love today is in fact a custom piece of jewelry, which might not be offered to the public but even still it caught my eye and made me whoosh.

The embroidery is by Cindy Steiler of Mary's Granddaughter....her work can also be found on Etsy 

The rest  is Quench Metalworks

A totally wonderful collaboration!

Quench Metalworks Facebook page

Quench Metalworks Etsy Store

Quench Metalworks Blog

Go have a look round and then come back and tell me how much you love their work.

Signing off and going back to homeschooling .........


  1. Is that arm actually poking out of the necklace? Very interesting!

    I have heard the The Secret Garden is a definite must. Shall check its availability at the library! Thanks for the recommendations :)

  2. Yes it is an arm poking out.... and your welcome on the recommendation... it is an awesome story ..

  3. wow, yeah that arm poking out is interesting!

    i love finding new lovely things, and I do seem to come across them a lot...So many talented people out there.

    Thanks for the links

    Gill xo