Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sharing Sunday: Crayons, Soaps, and Bags

Its that day again Sunday where the old week is over and the new one is about to begin.

I love the feeling that the old is gone and the new is coming, its like the unexpected and whats round the corner all rolled into one big pile called life.

So what did I find this week.... well let me say its been fun finding this weeks shares... really fun and there was so much I could of shared but as most of you are mommies I picked out things that I know you will all love ..... so without further a do let me introduced you to

Kitty Baby Love.

Now I wish I had known about this company when Bop was small .... cause I would have spent a small fortune on their crayons instead I spent a small fortune on crayola crayons that got snapped in half, and the amounts of paper I use to pick up was a joke.... these would of been perfect for her cause I'm not seeing how she could of broke these  ....

This is what Kitty Baby Love has to say about themselves

Kitty Baby Love is a collaboration between my partner, Ben, and I. In 2008 we found ourselves expecting our first child & unemployed though desperately seeking (Hello, recession!). Tired of waiting for callbacks, we decided to do something ourselves and started Kitty Baby Love- which is named after our expected son (Mikah, born May 2009) + kitties (our 'other' children).

With Kitty Baby Love, we strive to create items that support creative growth, family bonds, local economy, and most of all, something that will bring a smile to your face. Thank you for your support and making it possible for us to be a working family.

Along with their crayons they sell candles and a really neat coloring book.... 

You can find there store here Kitty Baby Love
They also have a blog which is worth a visit there are cute tutorials and some wonderful posts which I know you will enjoy. Kitty Baby Love 

My next find isn't really a find its a store I have admired for sometime and I know some of you know here but for those of you that don't and have not yet found her store here we go

Let me introduce Kellie and a Bag Full of Posies

Why I have never ordered one of her bags I'm not sure but its on my to do list after Christmas.... but honestly they would make wonderful prezzies...and even better the ideal bag to take with you while Christmas shopping or any shopping come to think of it.

Here is a bit about Kellie

I'm your typical s@hm. that loves a little whimsy in the everyday. whether it's in design, clothing or my bags. my day job is my kids & home. my night job is either blogging or creating.

You can find Kellie's store here Bag Full of Posies
And her blog which is a must must must is here This Blessed Nest.
you can also find her on face book and twitter.

Last but not lest is Been Around the Block ..... this store has some gorgeous soaps for sale at awesome prices..but what caught my eye was this

 yes its a lump of coal soap.... I should get these for my kids I keep telling them all they are getting for Christmas is coal

Go look around Been Around the Block it is a pretty awesome store, and she is doing a giver away if you LIKE her on Face Book.

And don't forget the give away on Tatter Beans.

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  1. At our place it's potatoes for naughty kids.

    Good finds. x