Thursday, December 16, 2010

Angry Man

So its that time of the month again in our house

That time of the month when nobody can do right for doing soooo much wrong....

That time of the month when you don't talk in case you get your head bit of .....

That time of the month when you get used to be ignored, not told anything, kept in the dark, grunted at and pushed a side like you where a bit of something the dog left behind on a walkway.....

Yes its that time of the month ......

That's right my husband has PMS ...

The news is bound to be greeted with snorts of cynicism by most females....

I for one will not blame you if you do snort..all I ask is that you clean up the snorting mess by yourself ..I have enough to deal with right now......

So all that is left to do is for you to watch this short video reverse the roles and you will truly see what I'm going through right now

PMS I know is no laughing matter.... but when we reverse it its a little bit like
Man Flu

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  1. Brilliant ...even showed my hub who doesn't get , that I get PMS LOL.
    Where can I buy one for my husband ....and one for me !
    He gets it too seriously I am glad I am not alone.

  2. Very funny. Only its not so funny when the PMS Monster visits my husband. He's just so unreasonable...

  3. Yikes! Man-PMS! Duck and run, baby, duck and run. x

  4. damn they didn't show where i can purchase one of these. that would be the best present for my husband.

  5. Very good! If only it existed (although, you'd want to ensure the Help Desk people weren't also having a PMS day/week....)

  6. My Man totally gets PMS- I tell him that all the time! ;)

  7. Oh, this is so funny! And I had a little unreasonable behaviour this week... so it's ringing a few bells! Thanks for sharing. xx

  8. *LMAO* I feel your's that time of the month in my house too. Try handing him the Pamperin bottle and see if he gets the hint.