Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You would pay for this at the Fair ground !!

Its been a roller coaster of emotions type of day. We have been up and down ..... up and down .... round to the left thrown to the right turned upside down and came crashing back down with a thump on many occasions today.
The morning started of good Bip has so far stuck to his promise of asking for a small snack first thing in the morning instead of sneaking around and stealing food. Bop was dry again this morning ....yeah for Bop.
The first twist on the roller coaster came when Bip realized that he was going to Sylvan this MORNING ...normal routine afternoon class .... he had been told the day before but this didnt register with him I now realize. We manage to get out the house in plenty of time without to much fuss, and we arrive early, I just don't do late .... its the one thing that can cause me to melt down .. being late.
We walk in and he's trailing behind me, but cause Miss Bop was chatting in my ear I didn't sense his disapproval at this point, once we are in there he points out to me that I have not giving him a snack, I was to say the lest taken back by this cause its the one thing where Bip is concerned that I wouldn't dare forget ...FOOD.... so I promise him I will get him one from the store, I hug him and promise to be back asap. As I'm walking out the door my worse fear over comes me.... He is going to have a complete melt down on them and it will be my fault cause I didnt give him a snack.... I rush Bop into the car and go speeding of to Walmart ..... with my whole excuse for speeding in my mind if stopped... snack in hand we speed back, I throw a water in there to hoping this would make thing better... drinks are not his thing... that's Bop she can't live without a drink ...Bip its food..... I walk back in and there it is right in front of my eyes... My son having a melt down. My heart sinks and breaks all at the same time. They bring him over to me and give us a private room to talk in. The conversation goes a bit like this.
Me " whats the problem"
Bip " No one understand me"
Me " I understand you "
Bip .... gruffs at me .
Me " Do you understand all the other kids in this room"
Bip " No"
Me " Do you know why you don't understand them"
Bip " No"
Me " Thats cause every single one of you in this room, is different, special and unique, and that includes you Bip"
Bip gruffs at me again.
Me " Bip why are you choosing to let the change in routine ruin you time here.... Bip never choose fear always choose Joy"
Bip blank stare
Me " Bip I'm am going to take you attitude from you, take it with me and you are going to make a really good choice and walk back into the room with a new attitude, agreed"
Bip ......... Blank stare
I repeat myself, Bip nods yes, and whispers " If you want it you will have to take it"
so I reach out to him grab him, he tries to pull away laughing and I embrace him, whisper in his ear I now have the bad attitude, now go learn something new and have a good time, he hugs me back and off he goes all happy. I then remember that Ive left Bop in the car eating her snack cause she didn't want to come in so I go rushing out feeling like a bad mother again and apologize over and over again for leaving her so long, her reply, " Ive finished my goldfish Mommy can I get a water bottle now please" I just shake my head and say " Ye sure you can Hunny"
We now have three hours to kill we run some errands and go back for him. You would never have known that just three hours ago this kid had totally melted on us he was happy bright and full of the joys of spring.
Post Office next, mail for me from the government, I open it in front of the kids and show them whats in it.
Bip " Whats that"
Bop " Oh My Life Bip" she proclaims " Its a ten year Green card," shaking her head. How she knew what it was I will never know, by now they are both jumping for joy and hugging me, I guess ten years is a slight reassurance that I'm not going anywhere, the sound of there joy brought tears to my eyes and is still doing so as I'm writing this.
By now its gone lunch time and we speed of home to eat.
They eat, get in the pool and I start doing some jobs around the house, snack time shouts me and I hand out the snacks, they eat them outside, Bip drops his and flips out, Bop laughs at him, this just makes it worse, I rush out with reinforcements, he calms down.
The next thing I know Bop starts her (and this is the only way for me to explain) up my butt routine, so I spend the rest of the afternoon tripping over her. Finally not being able to take much more of this tripping action I say something, she cries, I then feel bad ...... she stops for all of five minutes, and it starts all over again. So I get a craft out for them to do, Bop picks to color a optical coloring page, Bip chooses to make a book. Bop is bored with in 10 minutes, and up my butt again, Bip finishes his book and hands it to me with a big smile on his face, and I cry which makes him think he's done something wrong. I have to explain he hasn't.

Bip's Book

Dad arrives home from work, Bop is still up my butt ... Bip is watching a movie ...... and then we eat.
Their in bed now, and I'm eyeballing the Vodka bottle.

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  1. These are the days you're thankful to have survived and yet just as thankful to have. I only have one kid but I can SO relate!