Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers ......
is the English rock band The Rolling Stones ninth studio album, released in April 1971.

Sticky Fingers is also one of the greatest rock and roll tribute band in the world and have sold out concerts with their cover of The Rolling Stones.

It is also a restaurant located over many parts of south east America

What the phase doesnt mean is that you need to wash your hands..... when we say someone has sticky fingers, in England it implies he/she steals things. It's an expression used in informal contexts. Im not sure if you use the same expression here in the US? maybe someone can tell me.

So Sticky Fingers.
Yes we have sticky fingers in this house, on a daily basics to be quiet frank, Bip will take whatever he wants it can be a cell phone that no one is using it can be a touch, it can be anything he wants but mainly its food, the snack draw should have his name on as he is in it so often when he thinks no one is looking ..... his down fall on this is he then leaves wrappers all over the house mainly in the living room where they are NOT allowed to eat snacks ...... or in his bedroom where again they are NOT allowed to eat snacks, so he rats himself out on a daily basic or Bop will rat him out cause she could find a needle in a haystack, and she always finds his wrappers ...I think she goes looking for them as she knows he steals, and like all kids they love getting each other into trouble, not that they need any help.
He will steal from school and horde his steals under is pillow on his bed..... erasers, band aids, pencils are just to name a few. The school once called the Chief of Police up to talk to him as it got so bad, the effect ..... NONE ... he isn't bothered by any of it.
I honestly think he thinks its his right to have what he wants when he wants it, regardless of weather he is caught or not.

On a lighter note Id like to say a big thanks to Country Mama for her wonderful gift of humor which i received this morning

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