Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Morning World is it Bedtime Yet

So tonight in the blogging world we have, Maxabella winning a award.... Mummy Time lending her blog to a friend so the friend can vent, Watching the Waters gave me some very interesting reading which I think all should read weather you have a birth child , step children or you have adopted, (Please click HERE to read). Me ... well all I want to do is go to bed.... Its hotter than hot in the house but I'm wrapped up in a cozy warm blanket, I'm not sick.... I'm tired.... my nights sleep went something like this....
Enter room, air conditioning, not on correctly ... hence hot room, I do not sleep well in a hot room.... toss and turn for a few hours while the husband snores away and just when the land of nod begins to approach me Bip enters the room, bad dream syndrome has disrupted his sleep and I his mother is burning in our house after setting it alight with my cooking.... I hear you laughing, its ok I was laughing to but not that loudly ..... I make the usual bed on the floor, and Bip complains its to dark in our room and can we have the light on ........ my answer NO ...... my brain is saying sleep by now but I'm still to hot, and just as I start to drop of the edge of the world the dog starts his snorting breathing thingy like he is gonna stop breathing at any moment, so out of bed again I go to see to him ...only way to cure it is to let him go outside.... sounds odd I know but honestly it works. The next think I know I have Bop jumping on my bed and Martha Speaks is playing in the background..... Good Morning world is it bedtime yet.

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  1. AAArgh the fog of over-tiredness is a lonely place to be. Hope you get some rest soon. x