Thursday, June 17, 2010

Make a Note

So I spent two hours with a therapist on Monday going over problems, situations and ideas..... when I talked to her about how things where in the home and outside of home, I think I may have made my own hair curly, I did at one point wonder to myself is it really this bad or am I over exasperating the whole situation, I decided I wasnt that it is really this and that. At times she looked shocked others she looked sympathetic, and most of all she did seemed challenged.... which I thought was funny as at times so have I been, by their behavior .... when I say challenged I mean just that, its that challenge to put it right, it see it thru to the end, to make a difference , to do what is best and put your own feelings wants and needs to one side. I have to say that's not always been easy.
I don't want to lable them right now..... I don't even really want to say what it is we all think the problem is until the therapist speaks it out .... I have my own idea's but I am going to wait for her to tell me for sure.
For the time being I am going to take the summer of work and spend more time nurturing two very special children.

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