Thursday, June 3, 2010

Doing a New

I guess when you know there is a problem you have to change it ..... or at lest look to change it .... how do you change something when you don't even know where to start......
Both my step children have problems ... not the sort of problems most children have , but the problems where it effects everyday living ...their school life, home life its all the time. If I was to write all the problems we have I would be here for a month of Sundays, and you would more than likely become very bored in the mean time.
I use to think they would grow out of some of the problems, but as they have gotten older the problems have become worse.
So now its time to act at 6 and 9 we can no longer let them carry on as they are.......
So where to start, well we are waiting for a counselors appointment to come in and I have started to research ... looking at the problems and matching up the symptoms to a few disorders.
Scary and heart breaking that my children (and that's pretty much what they are, mine, as they have lived with me and their father for 3 yrs and don't see their birth mother very often) might have some of the things Ive read about. I know we could look into things and be totally over board about stuff, but when you have witnessed some of the things I have, you to would be concerned and worried for their well being.


  1. Good luck on your journey. Visiting from the Blog Gems hop.

  2. I'm visiting from the Blog Gems hop and am finding it interesting how many of us began blogging so tentatively! I look forward to reading more of yours and catching up!

  3. I know from reading your blog that there are ups and downs on your journey. But aren't you glad you started? I'm glad you started. :-)

  4. I didn't realise you had started blogging so recently. Well, 6 months isn't new in the blogging world, I suppose what I mean is that I didn't know your children had been diagnosed so recently, in the last 6 months. Thanks for joining in blog gems. Jen