Saturday, June 26, 2010

Let The Games begin

So the slow process of changing Bop's room round has begun, and believe me its slow, not for any reason other than there is a ton of stuff to move and there has to be a midway make commonly called the dumping ground and the dumping ground is the room the rabbit plays in.... and in true rabbit style anything you put on the ground he is sure to chew. This limits me to how much can be moved at a time and also limited me to where I can put it as I'm trying to keep it of the ground..... so I guess the house will look a mess for a while and I'm just gonna have to live with it.
On a lighter note I have been looking at how I would like her room to look, when we moved into this house I didn't really do much with her room, with working and not really having a good idea for it I just dumped her room together and it was almost a make do job, but now I have time and want to make it truly special for her. So my theme for her room will be LOVE. Bop is a true girly girl, totally opposite to me who would rather have a green, brown earth toned room, Bop is a pink girl. The process of collecting stuff has begun, as when I do a room I like everything there so it can be finished .... I so am not a work in progress type of person .. its all or nothing with me , so I have learnt to plan and collected before something is ready to be finished.

So this morning while blog hopping (my new daily morning routine) I found this wonderful little shop on Etsy ( another new favorite ) its called Life through the lens , truly amazing work took me a while to decide what I wanted but in the end I picked what I thought Bop would love ... and she did she said

" Mommy fantastic choice that's just what Ive always wanted"

Can't wait for them to arrive so I can go out and find some frames, the hanging of them will have to wait I guess unless I find another room for the rabbit to play in and then I can get a move on and get this task in hand done.

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