Monday, June 28, 2010

The Cookie Monster

If it wasn't that I believed that God doesn't give us more than we can handle, Id have thought yesterday morning was the final mocking blow.

I know it wasn't I know that it was just all part and parcel of the healing process, but waking up to lies and deceit, is not my idea of fun for any morning. The on going sticky fingers, and then lies that comes with it, went on for a go 4hrs yesterday morning.

It started with the cooking jar( which I had filled the night before thinking the word trust and trust again ) and Ive only taken one to the dog sniffing Bip's shorts and getting kicked for it.... he had more cookies in his short's pockets, to us tripping his room upside down only to find more cookies under his pillow along with my old cell phone that I had been looking ... and have repeatedly ask if he had for a few weeks now, a laser touch which he has been told he wasn't allowed .... this touch he had taken to school on a few occasions and we have had letters home over, he thinks its fun to shine it in the bus drivers rear mirror while she is driving, and in his teachers face while she is teaching in the classroom. The look we received on finding all this was a blank expression no remorse just a stare that said

" So what ".

I think the worst was after spending a few hours talking with him over him taking food a few days ago and coming up with a deal with him, he never followed through with the deal, didn't even give it a second thought, just carried on doing his thing. I wouldn't of minded but the deal enabled him to eat before breakfast, if he woke up hungry, all he had to do was come to me and ask and he would of received.

So another hour was spent talking this over again, he was asked if he had any other food in his room, his reply was

" No " .

As I'm writing this I feel like bouncing my head of my desk, he did on the other hand follow through with the deal this morning, lets pray he can keep that up. Otherwise its locks on the cupboard doors I'm afraid, cause the cost of his stealing would feed a large group of African children.

(As a Rewind post I think this needs an update...this doesn't happen any more no more cookie monsters in our house... we ask if we want food.... This post just shows how far we have come since I wrote this)


  1. Am so glad you guys have made good progress with this. I'd imagine a Cookie Monster could get very expensive to keep around. Well done for working through it!

  2. Nice post. And lovely to hear it's no longer. Happy weekend!

  3. The things kids do. Mine are teenagers and have reverted back to this - oh the things I find in their rooms - indescribable!

  4. Very topical though - we've just seen an Aussie doctor make an absolute fool of himself in Canada by continually telling journalists Ï'm eating my cookie" when they were trying to ask serious questions about a health scandal.

  5. It's so important to look back occasionally and see just how far we have come! thanks for sharing - I love to gain insight from other parents (it helps when everything at my place falls it does from time to time!) xxx

  6. Great that it doesn't happen anymore, I can imagine it was stressful and upsetting. Jen