Monday, September 20, 2010

Much Love : RAD

 So here is my Much Love Monday, slightly strange I know..... but as you can see there are the hearts.

Ye that's right much love RAD.
Because without RAD in my life I wouldn't have Bip and Bop keeping me on my toes.

Without RAD I wouldn't spend two and half hours a night doing homework.

Without RAD I wouldn't have lost 14lbs in weight over the summer.

Without RAD my Hubby and myself wouldn't be as close spirituality and romantically as we are.

Without RAD I think I would be bored out my mind right now.....

And as much as I would never wish RAD on any child or parent, I know God wont give me any more than I can handle and I can handle RAD.

I'm an over comer and a winner I will see it thought to the finish line how ever far the finish line is.

Can you tell Ive has a tough week?

But its ok..... we made it through and we all survived.

So Much love To RAD you didn't win once again.

Also this week I'm loving Fall..... and all that it blows to my door

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Festival: Week Three

So first of all let me say... Thank you all who left me a comment on Village Gossip, this has had a slight effect on me over the last few days, but also if anyone is wondering where I have been (Maxabella thank you for your concern you are an awesome bloggy friend)

My parents left for the UK on Monday and that has had an effect on me..... I hate goodbyes and I hate it even more when its my parents and I don't know when I will see them again.... but Im back, feeling slightly down but alive and kicking.

So Week three of the Fall Festival, wow cant believe the trees are turning so fast.
I feel it maybe time to put the summer clothes away, and sort of the next seasons ...
We started to drain the pool at the weekend, now thats a job I am leaving to the man about the house.

So before we get to the tree...let me just tell you that there is another awesome give away over at This Blessed Nest...... 

People let me tell you, you REALLY need to get over there and join this one.... if you saw last weeks give away and you thought WOW this week is a double WOW ......

 While your there check out some of the other entries for Fall festival Week Three..... there is to many this week that inspire me, for me to be redirecting you .... far to many

So that lovely big old tree in my back yard is looking gorgeous.

I thought it was about time you saw the tree its self .... not just its leaves

  I love the color they are going...... I don't think the photos do it justice I feel like I want to get my ladder out and get closer even

I have done some fall decoration over the weeks... but what I want to share this week is an awesome find ....
They are the cutes little things I have ever found and I just have to show you

I found these cute little apples, pumpkins and cones in a store on my travels a few weeks ago.....

I also found the green shelving unit along the way .....

And the whole thing hangs in my kitchen .....
Im not sure what I will put in it once winter comes but Im sure I will find something.
So this now leads me to this weeks photo prompt...... I have manged to link them both up again.....
So hop over to LIMELITE and check this weeks prompt out.... I promise its worth the hop....


Friday, September 10, 2010

Village Gossip

Isn't it funny how gossip gets back to you.... especially when its about you or a member of your family.

Now to me gossip is mindless talk... for one where is it getting you.... secondly, do you feel good about yourself when doing it or after doing it... maybe you do I don't know cause I find it hard to understand why you would want to gossip about two young CHILDREN in such a vicious way.

Cause honestly did my children ask to have RAD, are they in control of their actions, do they know what their doing half the time.... the answer to all of that is NO.

Yes they might have been mean, yes they may have stolen, and yes it may have all been directed at your child but honestly people are you then going to teach your kids to be mean back or are you going to find out why this child acts the way he does......

Kids talking to adults in such a way is beyond me... where do they learn that from I wonder... if at 10 years of age your child knows how to slate someone the only place they get that from is another adult.....

Monkey see Monkey do.

I think its time to educate the parents .......

I think its time to educate the school....

I just think its time to stop and listen and take note one is perfect ..... everyone makes mistakes....
I have and I know I have....

Its time to stop persecuting to young children for something they cant control..... and didn't ask for.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Festival: Week Two

I am enjoying Fall Festival so much at the moment, I love seeing what everyone else is doing I find it so inspiring.

Some of the post that have inspired me this week are .....

The Sweet Life, and her Pumpkin Tutorial ... I will be trying this out sometime this week.

Inspired Nesting, and collection of Fall Containers, so beautiful.

And House of Belonging's Front Porch  .... I wish I has a front porch, I don't but looking at what this lady has done is making me sooooo want one.

Over at this Blessed Nest, our fabulous host not only does she inspire me she is generous enough to do a give away this week to, you really should check it out, especially if you love Halloween, that's all I'm telling you.

...go check it out.

So week two here at Select All + Delete ..... is a double whammy ...cause I'm using part of my week two to link with this weeks Photo prompt which as usual Ill post on my other blog LIMELITE.... so don't forget to check that out to.

Following on from last week  Im tracking the big old tree in my backyard, so I can see how the leaves change over the weeks.

Can you see the reds coming in now?... I get so excited when I see the change.

Also this week I have been working on my mantel in the living room.

I had a few things but over last week did a bit of shopping, as I pointed out in Spill The Beans Saturday.

 This Mantel sits over our Wood-stove, most of the time its decorated in a black and white theme, so its been nice to have a change.

 The yellow sunflowers where from Micheals.....

My favorite flowers Gerbers

The pumpkins cost me a dollar each ......

The chestnuts where collected for my by the children when we were out shopping last week......

Now its time to hop over to LIMELITE and check out my Photo Prompt.
The prompt was TYPE, and Ive used my Fall Festival week two to complete my prompt.

Then hop over to This Blessed Nest and check out all the other posts.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Joys of RAD: including Homework

Oh August 31st my heading for my Face Book page was this

Children with special needs don't have an illness, they are not contagious. They want what we all want, which is to be accepted. 


I sat here last night just scrolling through your blogs reading what you write...favorite past time by the way.... and it suddenly struck me, do my kids know they are different. 


This had me stumped for about 10 minutes, as I sat and thought about it, and thought about and thought about.

And here I am still thinking about it.


We have just gone into 2nd grade with Bop and honestly its just like history repeating its self, she is doing just what Bip did in 1st 2nd and 3rd grade.... 


Refusing to do homework, refusing to do work at school, and just making her own life miserably.


Its not she cant do it, believe me she can in fact the work she is doing is to easy for her even if it is she doesn't recognize it. 

So I know some of this is boredom, but even so, this is very tiring and boring also ....


So I have just asked her this question.


" Bop who else in your class refused to do work today" 


silence so I asked another question


"Bop who else in your class is still doing there homework 2 hours after they arrived home from school...anyone?"


She finally answered both questions and she said this....


" I think I'm the only one who refused work today, and I think I'm the only one making a fuss over homework"


So does she recognizes that she is different, yes I think she does to be honest.


Can she do anything about that ... no I dont think she can, she is to young to understand how she is different.


Bip on the other hand is totally different to 3 years ago, and is having a fantastic start to the new school year where his work is concerned, which inreturne does shine a light at the end of Bops tunnel I guess.


Cause if he can turn this around then maybe she can to.

So my question is this


Does it hurt to point out their peers to them.....?

Do they need to recognize that they are different and that to get by in this life they need to change their ways?

And am I being a bit harsh on them?

Be as honest with me as you want I sure wont take offense and it wont hurt if I am way of key here....


And for any one who doesn't know what my kids have read  this  then answer my questions 


I'm so open right now to your point of view.


Just a little side note... Bip just started playing me up over homework as his father walked in..... we have now been on homework for over 2 hours


Monday, September 6, 2010

Much Love Autumn

I did week one of Fall Festival over at This Blessed Nest ..... This has totally got me falling into Fall, Im so aware of Fall right now and loving it to bits.......

So this Labor Day weekend I love Autumn

 Also this weekend I love being at home with family .... the chill in the air ...... and the fact I can wear sock on my feet without being to hot, socks and slippers love it.

What are you loving this Monday ..... Hop over to ♥ Much Love ♥ and join in

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spill The Beans Saturday: Including My Love of Conker Fights

You know being a SAHM isn't all its cracked up to be ... by Saturday I'm so full to the brim that I need to let it all out.
There is a saying .... Spill the Beans ..... The English idiomspill the  beans” means “to divulge a secret.
Oh boy do I have some beans to spill ....
In the world of Select All + Delete the beans can be anything from something I found to something that's happened .... Good or Bad
So Saturday is Spill the Beans :Saturday ......
And here are my beans for the week:

 Do you remember the song Easy by the Commodores...... I don't know why but I always wake up on a Sunday and 9 out of 10 times think about this song.

This week we have shopped, not mega shopping but each day we have tried to visit a different shop.... where I live we have lots of shops that are sort of out the way or they are right on my door step.....  Monday we pay a visit to The  Robins Nest .... I picked up a beautiful Wrought Iron Cross made with Mini tiles

 We took a trip to The Black Swan Gift Shop, I brought some things for my Fall Mantel above my fireplace, (photo's to come on Wednesday)
They have the most beautiful Garden in front of there shop.

 We did nothing far to hot to even move....... Seriously
I think we all melted this day it was well into the 100F .....
Also on this day Bop refused to do work at school so we had a shed load of homework.... and as I was so hot my patients was running thin....

 Cant say it was any cooler but we did go visits The White Home Collection, a lovely little shop at the end of my road.... I adore this place..... and have spend a fortune here ...don't let the hubby know.....
I picked up a cute kitchen shelf from here..... 

Kids of school.... labour day weekend ..
A visit to Kindred Spirits ....... and some childhood memories came flooding back....

Did you ever play Conkers ....... At Kindred Spirits they have this HUGE chestnut tree and as soon as I saw it I had to tell Bip and Bop all about the Conker Fights I would have as a child.

 The nice Lady at the shop let us collect some and we will be stringing them up so I can teach Bip and Bop the art of Conkers....

 I so cant wait ...... This is more fun than I can handle believe me.

 This shop I have to say is a find.... my first visit was totally inspiring and I sure will return .... I picked up some miniature wooden apples from here some whole some eaten.... to cute

So that's my beans for this week ....

Do you have any beans you would like to spill ?

Have a wonderful weekend folks .....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How can you do this

So I said sometime ago that Bop's birthday had stirred up some emotions in me.
Well its time to spill the emotions, cause I now have control of them.
Its always been evident to me that Bop's birth mother favors her over Bip, its a very sly favor, but never the less its there.
For 2 years now Bip has not received a birthday present from her let alone a card.
His first birthday that I was in his life he got a phone call, the second year a card with $5 in it and the last two years not a thing.

Bop on the other hand does get a card and normally a gift card, or a small present.
He now is beginning to notice this trend,and this year on Bop's birthday said something.

What do you say when you don't have the answer?
He wants to know why he is treated different, why he gets nothing and she gets something.
She didn't get a phone call this year but she did get a card with a gift card in it.

Bip is 10 next year and is very aware of what goes on around him... he would be he's at that age where things like birthdays now have a meaning.

He said to me some weeks ago birthdays are the day you celebrate the day your mother gave birth to you, he then went on to say that he wished that id given birth to him cause then he wouldn't expect anything from her ( her being his birth mother).

This totally breaks my heart cause I to wish it was that way just so I could ease his pain and make life easier for him.

Its not important to me weather I gave birth to Bip or not what is important is that he is at peace with himself, and he's not when it comes to things like this.

Bop still thinks I gave birth to her ...... I heard her tell Bip so.... and also heard Bip try to tell her this wasn't true..... but she just ignores it.

He has expectations of people ... I think this is only normal as you get older.

Cause as you get older people have expectations of you.

But if the exceptions are not meet do we stop meeting others expectation of us.... I'm worried this will happen is this carries on....

 Believe me no amount of explanation helps.... this child is hurt and confused.

My big question is this

As a mother who has given birth how do you turn your back and forget the day you brought that child into the world, how do you tell yourself its ok NOT to acknowledge this child on that day we call his birthday.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Festival: Week One

So I decided to join the Fall Festival.... just torn which blog to do it on.... cause Ive had my camera out and as I post most photo's on LIMELITE, I didn't know if to do this over there.... but no I'm doing it here..... I'm so indecisive.

So Fall Festival is hosted by This Blessed Nest, I love it over there I read but as usual I'm a quiet reader, and don't say a lot, but honestly this lady is amazing with what she does and I'm a little in awe of her.
Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, the only problem is once fall arrives I know winter is on its way and winter means snow and I hate that stuff.

This is what I like about fall today.... trees ...I'm passionate about trees, remind me to show you one day my love for tress.

The leaves are beginning to change color .....

With the sun behind them they look awesome

When they turn this color I love it.

And I just have to share the sunset with you this was how it looked from my drive way this evening

Fall Festival will be fun I'm going to capture it all on camera.... 
and I might even give you all a treat and draw something
Watch this space!
This is week one of the Fall Festival Posts