Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Festival: Week Two

I am enjoying Fall Festival so much at the moment, I love seeing what everyone else is doing I find it so inspiring.

Some of the post that have inspired me this week are .....

The Sweet Life, and her Pumpkin Tutorial ... I will be trying this out sometime this week.

Inspired Nesting, and collection of Fall Containers, so beautiful.

And House of Belonging's Front Porch  .... I wish I has a front porch, I don't but looking at what this lady has done is making me sooooo want one.

Over at this Blessed Nest, our fabulous host not only does she inspire me she is generous enough to do a give away this week to, you really should check it out, especially if you love Halloween, that's all I'm telling you.

...go check it out.

So week two here at Select All + Delete ..... is a double whammy ...cause I'm using part of my week two to link with this weeks Photo prompt which as usual Ill post on my other blog LIMELITE.... so don't forget to check that out to.

Following on from last week  Im tracking the big old tree in my backyard, so I can see how the leaves change over the weeks.

Can you see the reds coming in now?... I get so excited when I see the change.

Also this week I have been working on my mantel in the living room.

I had a few things but over last week did a bit of shopping, as I pointed out in Spill The Beans Saturday.

 This Mantel sits over our Wood-stove, most of the time its decorated in a black and white theme, so its been nice to have a change.

 The yellow sunflowers where from Micheals.....

My favorite flowers Gerbers

The pumpkins cost me a dollar each ......

The chestnuts where collected for my by the children when we were out shopping last week......

Now its time to hop over to LIMELITE and check out my Photo Prompt.
The prompt was TYPE, and Ive used my Fall Festival week two to complete my prompt.

Then hop over to This Blessed Nest and check out all the other posts.



  1. look at you & your true stone fireplace. awesome. love a stone fireplace!

    you are so right, those links you included are such inspiring places to visit.

    thank you so very much for linking up with the FALL FESTIVAL! hope to see you next week as well.

  2. gorgeous colours....i hate that we don't get a real fall in Western Australia...the seasons are not defined other than winter and summer really....!

  3. You have a woodstove, lucky you!!!

    It's great seeing the tree coming in like that. Keep us 'posted' (see, there's a pun for you 'cos I know you love 'em!!!) x

  4. Hi Rachel Thanks for your feedback!
    What is with stone walls, I absolutely adore them, they remind me of old good times with my grandparents in the countryside. Love it, Love it, love it!!!!!!!