Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Festival: Week One

So I decided to join the Fall Festival.... just torn which blog to do it on.... cause Ive had my camera out and as I post most photo's on LIMELITE, I didn't know if to do this over there.... but no I'm doing it here..... I'm so indecisive.

So Fall Festival is hosted by This Blessed Nest, I love it over there I read but as usual I'm a quiet reader, and don't say a lot, but honestly this lady is amazing with what she does and I'm a little in awe of her.
Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, the only problem is once fall arrives I know winter is on its way and winter means snow and I hate that stuff.

This is what I like about fall today.... trees ...I'm passionate about trees, remind me to show you one day my love for tress.

The leaves are beginning to change color .....

With the sun behind them they look awesome

When they turn this color I love it.

And I just have to share the sunset with you this was how it looked from my drive way this evening

Fall Festival will be fun I'm going to capture it all on camera.... 
and I might even give you all a treat and draw something
Watch this space!
This is week one of the Fall Festival Posts



  1. Beautiful photos. I love Autumn, it's just the best season of all. I wrote a post back when our Autumn was starting called Autumn Joy. I was so excited.

    Spring is great, but it's not Autumn.

    Thanks for the link to This Blessed Nest. Greeat site!

  2. OMGoodness, i am so touched by what you said.
    thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    these pictures are beautiful. i love taking pictures - anytime. but FALL has to be one of my very faves. what a gorgeous sunset right in front of you as well. lucky girl.

    thank you so much for linking up with the FALL FESTIVAL. you know, you could link up with the other blog that you referred to as well. it doesn't have to be "just" me. ;) but i am so glad you linked.

    HAPPY SEPTEMBER, SWEETNESS. don't be a quiet reader all the time!